Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my diet an important factor in how well FULFILLMENT breast enlarger will work for me?

Eating healthy is always important. It is especially important to eat well when using FULFILLMENT so the body can generate healthy new tissue. Taking a multi vitamin will also help your body be more healthy.

Will FULFILLMENT work for women with a high metabolism?

Yes, FULFILLMENT can work for women with a high metabolism. You should take the capsule about 30 minutes before or after you eat a meal.

I drink a lot of coffee, will that interfere with the fulfillment?

Yes, Caffeine will slow down the growth process. What we recommend you do is cut back on the coffee- or at least drink half the caf coffee. If you drink the caffeine in the morning then take the fulfillment at the opposite time of the day at night.

Is it all right if I smoke, will cigarettes have any negative effects?

It is OK that you smoke while Natureday's products, but it would help if you limited the number of cigarettes out of your daily routine. If your body thinks you are getting healthier because you are smoking less, your breasts will grow faster.

I'm interested in FULFILLMENT, but I do not want anyone to know what I'm ordering. How are your packages shipped?

We understand and respect your need for privacy. We ship all packages very discreetly. The only thing anyone will see is the return address with the name "Nature Inc." on it.

Can I order by mail?

Yes, Please see our ordering by mail page.

How do I know how much to pay for shipping and handling?

Please see our shipping and handling cost page for full details.

How long is will my package take to get here?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours from being placed on the website. All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service. Shipping is 3-10 business days. International orders take 1 to 6 weeks.

Can I get a tracking number on my order?

You sure can, please let us know that you want your package to have a tracking number and we can charge your card an extra $1.00.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes we do. International addresses please add $10.00 USD along with the Original shipping.

How can I track my package, I am an international customer?

The only way to track your package is if you buy extra insurance. It is about 15.00 more for this option. Otherwise we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages going overseas.

How long has Natureday been in business?

Natureday the company, was started in Aug. of 2001. The company started out with just the liquid and pills, and now we have many more options for enlarging your breasts.

My Breasts are not the same size. One of them is a lot smaller then the other, can your products help me?

This is a very common situation on a woman's body. We can help you, yes. We recommend you to use the enlargement cream on the smaller breasts while taking 1 to 3 dropper of the liquid a day. That will help to enlarge both the breasts evenly.

Will FULFILLMENT cause me to gain weight? Will it affect other parts of my body?

No, FULFILLMENT will not cause you to gain weight, and will not affect any other part of your body. The herbs stimulate Phyto-estrogens in receptor sites inside the breasts, which stimulate new cell growth. No other area of you will be affected.

Can FULFILLMENT help me to get the shape and firmness that I had when I was younger?

Yes, FULFILLMENT can help you to get back the shape and firmness you once had.

Can my breasts get too large with FULFILLMENT?

You have the control over how large your breasts grow. Simply stop using the products once you are satisfied with your size.

Has anyone had any allergic reactions to FULFILLMENT?

Not one person has reported having had any type of allergic reaction from using FULFILLMENT.

Does FULFILLMENT affect sexual functionality?

All of Natureday products help the libido in both women /men, and will not decease the sperm count or inhibit male/ female potency.