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   Dalinex is a herpes anti-inflammatory liquid extract.

It boosts the bodies natural immune system to fight off the herpes infection.
In order for the body to achieve dermal health-  liquid Dalinex is taken.  It quickly absorbs into  the bodies blood stream.

The amount of outbreaks can be reduced or diminished with the help of dalinex. The infected areas are oral or genital. Cold sores can be helped by the liquid extract as well.
One bottle is $40.95

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Ingredients of Dalinex

St John’s Wort: This yellow flower acts as a strong tonic to nourish and balance the nervous system helping to support the immune system/ reproductive organs.
It helps with calming stress from mood swings, tension, depression and anxiety. More information can be found on St. John’s wort

Pelargonium  African geranium. It helps with breathing problems such as bronchitis and fatigue. The benefits of the Pelargonium herb can help diminish the common cold with fewer days and ailments. It prevents bacteria from protecting the immune system from invading cells. Pelargonium

L-Lysine In order to create the anti bodies we need to fight off infections and strengthin our immune systems there is the L and D string amino acids. The L amino helps build protein as a building block. L-Lysine repairs and repairs tissues and protein formation and enzymes.

Echinacea  contains a powerful immune system healer to assist / help with over all health to healing wounds, colds, urinary tract infections, herpes, and even helps with cancer. Echinacea helps with pain in the body such as headaches, stomach ache, herpes, gonorrhea, measles.

Dalinex – Herpes Outbreak Treatment