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 Wart Removal: Warcicle Review

My son has had a wart on his foot that caused him pain to run. He plays soccer and his cleats rub on the sore skin causing his wart to get bigger. We took him to a doctor to get it removed and they said it was too deep to freeze off. We tried anyway but it didn’t work. Searching online was the next objective and after many products out there we decided to give wartcicle a try.
We appreciate that is it is all natural with essential oils with sterilized alcohol. We applied it to the area once in the morning / once in the evening. We could tell something was happening on the third day. The color was different and the pain from the shoes was minimal. We also boosted his immune system with liquid silver from the health food store. It slowly worked after several weeks and  hasn’t returned. We decided to write a review on the wart remover to share our success.

One bottle is $39.95

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