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Lose weight and suppress menopause symptoms

After going through menopause, my maternal sister and I searched the internet and tried many products. We bought herbal teas and many different kinds of pills. I stayed on the natural side and only shopped at health food stores. My sister is a nurse and she tried many perscription drugs plus over the counter menopause drugs that relieve symptoms. After about 6 months of trying many things we found a product called Estrothin. It works amazingly fast.
EstroThin – Menopausal Formula

I lost some weight from the product but mostly it helped with my moods and bloating. I never got the hot flashes so I didn’t feel a difference there. My sister still has not tried it even though I have told her many times how good it is. She is under the belief that science and doctors know more then the health industry.

The website says that it will help with weight loss, moods, hot flashes, helps maintain a happy mood and relives stress. I would have to say that it does most of that. Its a herbal tincture which I like. Its my understanding that when you dry herbs they are not as strong. It taste yummy and I add it to my morning tea. I put 60 drops in there when the tea gets warmer towards the end. I am not sure if you are supposed to put it in when the tea is hot or not. EstroThin – Menopausal Formula

1 bottle is $39.95