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This is my review of Hoodithin weight loss liquid


I heard about Hoodia maybe 10 years ago. It’s a cactus plant that grows in the desert of south Africa. The natives there would extract the juice and drink/ eat the plant to suppress their hunger and their thirst.  Scientists in the United States figured out that it contains all natural compounds that actually will dissolve the fat in your storage if the person taking it eats and exercises regularly.

HoodiThin – Pure Hoodia Gordonii

I have been over weight since my kids were born and I have tried so many diets. The only one that did anything was the salad for dinner diet. Eat a normal to small lunch and breakfast (no sugar if you can help it). Then for dinner, eat a huge salad. It can have any dressing you want on it. Put meat, cheese, blue cheese- it doesn’t matter what you top it with.  If you do that I guarantee you will lose some weight. The real difference that I saw was in the hoodithin liquid. It works, not as fast as I thought, but it does.

Their website says that the hoodia solutuion triggers your brain to say you are full, it does help with that. I for sure eat less. I used to eat as much as my husband does , but now while taking the hoodithin every day I eat about half as him. It’s awesome!!!

I saw a difference in  12 days.  After time frame I was buttoning my pants and it was easy
to do so. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t do anything different either. I mean it was the beginning of spring so walking was out of the question from all the rain. After a couple more weeks I was on cloud nine- maybe that helped with my losing more weight since i had such a positive attitude- or it could have been the hoodi that was in the hoodithin, not sure. I think in all I lost about 10 pounds and that is just 2 months of taking it. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it is to me and especially if I just stay at home with my kids all day as my job.
Here is a link if anyone is interested. I love Hoodi Thin!
HoodiThin – Pure Hoodia Gordonii

1 bottle is $39.95