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I am so happy that I tried this product. I have tried one other, but using Natureday has been great. I have been using the pills and the liquid for about a month and a half, and the results have been great. When I would go out, I had to wear strapless bras to make it look like I had breasts, but now I don’t have to wear them anymore. My husband loves my new breast, just as much as I do. I have gone from a 34A to a 34B, in this short period of time. I will continue to take pictures as I go along and let you see how I have grown. I am sending pictures from start, one month, and month and a half. I will be sending them in two emails because, for some reason it says that the files are too large. Can you please not use my name with any of the pictures, or state of residence. Thank You. P.S. Thank you for making this product!