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I had only used natureday from June to October ’06 and May and June 07. Not only
do I have breast tissue, but I have nipps, almost always erect, and very noticeable
when wearing golf shirts, t-shirts. etc. I have ordered another 3 month supply,
and, looking at the pics, I am wondering how much more breast growth I can get
away with! That is why I love the self-adhesive bras. They pull your breast tissue
from the sides, and give you marvelous cleavage. Like I said, if you don’t want
real breasts, 24/7, don’t use Natureday, buy breast forms. I took the pills
and liquid for almost 4 months, and quit when I had a tiff with a girl on another
site who did not believe the results. I ordered two months’ supply in April 2007,
and almost as soon as I began to take the liquid, my breasts began to feel very
warm, and seemed to be more full. Much of my development has been towards my underarms,
which is fine with me, because I am am the stage where I can’t wear golf shirts
or t-shirts in certain situations. The second pic shows the true results! I have
a set of free-bra ( similar to nu-bra), a set of D cup self-adhesive bras that
clip together. I LOVE my cleavage! Thank you for your product! WARNING: if you
are a male, and not sure you want real breasts 24/7, DO NOT take Natureday. Buy
breastforms because you can take them off. These girls are permanently attached.
(and I love mine) thanks, w.