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Hi Amy! As promised, here’s a progress report on my chest growth. Recently, I’ve

had to slow down use of the liquid to massaging drops on my chest because I accidentally

spilled 1/2 of a tablespoon on my floor. But now that I have the large cylinders,

I can improve my growth potential. What I’ll do from now on is, the first thing

in the morning, pump for at least 15 mins., then place the hot towels on the chest

or after a hot shower, apply the soap, small drops of the liquid, and a dab of

the cream on the breast area to stimulate the growth. Here is a recent picture:

on August 4. As a bonus, I have new cleavage from the pump and your products thanks

to my training sports bra! Thanks again Amy for offering a product that does what

it says! [p.s., …and please remove my e-mail from my first post; I’m getting

illicit, weird e-mails from unknowns!