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I have known I was different for some time. My facination with breasts has existed for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have developed quite the collection of Breast Forms and Bras
in different sizes. I am a tall trans man that likes to dress at home. During
a web surfing adventure I found some social networking sites that referenced your
product. After reading the testimonials on your site I hesitantly / excitedly
placed my first order. Growth began mostly under my arms on my first round of
product. I took a reduced dosage for fear of growing To Large To Quick. I love
my breasts now but at the time I worried about much they would grow in a short
period of time. I know I am an MtF Trans and as such I have researched synthetic
hormones. Hormones can reduce your male function, my wife & I like the function
of my penis just the way it is. I have not experienced any problems with erections
with your product. In fact I think that I am hornier now because I feel more comfortable
in my skin. I do reserve the right to at some time later take synthetic hormones,
but right now your product provides a bridge between Medical science and Traditional
herbs. Since the FALL season is changing I feel like I am ready for my next growth
spurt. I have been very satisfied with you product so far. I have taken relatively
small dosages and now have soft bouncy breasts that I am totally in LOVE with.
Your product has helped me grow as an individual and for that I am thankful. PS
my wife loves the smell of your soap:-) Regards., ZOE