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Hi Amy; Well, today is the 15th day after I started the Fulfillment regimen. I’m extremely happy with the results to date. I’m not being overly optimistic, but tomorrow I sending you an order for 3 more bottles of Liquid Fulfillment. (I won a few bucks at a casino today and I like to put
my winnings to good use.) Today I bought a “A” cup teenager’s bra, and completely fill it, much to my surprise. I’ve been reading some of the comments in the Forum, and think that we who are using Fulfillment should be thankful, and patient, considering that HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) costs thousands of dollars and takes up to 3 years to developed breasts, not to mention the adverse side effects. Todate, I’ve used 1-1/4 bottles of Liquid Fulfillment and 1 bottle of Pills. I’m using 2 droppers full and 3 pills, A.M. & P.M. to achieve the results shown in the pics. I’m really looking forward to additional development and assure you that I will continue my present regimen until I reach the results that I desire. I’m one extremely satisfied customer. 3 photos are attached: One was taken the day I started using Fulfillment, on 26 August ’04, one wearing the “A” cup teenager bra, and one without, both taken this evening, 8 Sept. ’04. Please feel free to post any or all. Thanks again for a wonderful product.
Your friend in Las Vegas. Bobbi