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I have been on Natureday for a little over 3 weeks and have seen amazing results

so far. I was one of the people that said no way this has to be a hoax or really

not work… well sorry to spoil all the peoples thoughts that this may be fake.

If you dont believe me simply order a bottle of liquid and see for your self.

If you stick to all the recomendations listed here on the website you too will

have a great start to new breasts. I have started a journal of sorts about what

i have been doing and how things have gone for me so far i have noticed softer

smoother skin not just with my breasts but all over my body, my nipples have always

been a bit sensitive but they are gaining more sensitivty, just waiting for them

to form up like a womans. Im looking forward to more progress and just cant wait…

I personally do not like the taste but i do look forward to my daily doasage.

Thanks to Amy with her wonderful words of encouragement and the Natureday Breast

enlargement product line thoughs who want larger fuller breasts can now have them.

My upper chest is filling out more right now more than the roundness and protrusion

of the breasts. I dont have the best light nor do i have the best camera but if

i need to resize it or what ever please let me know. The eve more fun part is

that i am feeling the tightness in my chest again im only hoping that its another

growth spurt. I get to measure again in two days, but for the purposes of letting

you know where im in at i have grown anther 1/4 inch to 47 1/4 around my nipples

but i really feel the growth in my upper chest right now. My growth is to me outta

this world in my mind. Im even more than happy to pay later i just dont wanna

interupt my growth. If i had my car here right now i would take the picture of

what the other person did to my car to prove that im not blowing smoke. Again

thanks for taking the time to read.