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Dear Amy, Well now you have done it and I love it the ladies are getting more

rounder on the top there seems to be a bit of growing pains on top. And have been

wearing a bra all the time even to work under my uniform. This has helped in supporting

the ladies and I’m not as sore. But I never thought that I would develop them

like this. When I dress as a girl I do not need any artificial breasts I go out

with pride wearing a 44b bra ane have amaized some born woman when they ask what

type of breast forms are you using I smile and say none these are my real breasts.

They ask me what I use and what hormones I take. I tell them no hormones only

the Natureday Products and fullfillment treatments and then refer them to the

site. It is great to hear from my girl friends say yo me when I tell them of the

soreness in the growth department. They say welcome to Woman hood. It does my

heart good to hear that. I’m also getting more cleavage to which is great I love

looking down On my Ladies and smile when I see them it is also great to look in

the mirror and see them. And here is a update pics of the Ladies. Luv Dale