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Getting rid of yellow toenail fungus using Funginix

My husband used to have toenail fungus and it embarrassed him all the time. He had it on his finger nails and toenails. It was yellow and thick. I didn’t mind it except when he scratched his feet against my leg under the covers at night. One time when we were moving and loading boxes he snagged his finger nail on the side of the truck and it tore all the way off. It was hard to move and lift heavy furniture after that. We tried everything to get rid of the toenail fungus. We tried apple cider vinegar, it didn’t seem to do anything. I bought him orange oil and tea tree. I don’t think we put those on long enough to see, but for a week nothing. We read online to soak a towel with all that oil and keep in on your feet for at least 15 min. It sure smelled up the living room couch though. Not minding the orange nice sent, the tea tree oil was over whelming.

I researched the internet for a toenail fungus remover and found this product.
We put it on his feet twice a day, three times on the weekends. We soaked a small paper towel in the formula and let it soak on his nails and after 8 or so days we could see his nail grew in better. The nail fungus didn’t  completely get of all of his toes, but his hands are all clear of it, so that is good. That’s what he was most worried about.

I will post a picture of his toe nails soon.

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