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Sanos Eyewear Wood Frame Sunglasses

I am in love with wooden sunglasses. They are easy to wear and they don’t get hurt when I  grab them in a hurry. Working with Sanos was wonderful. They shipped my glasses fast with free shipping and they came in an economically friendly  box. My brother is a surfer and he always wears my wooden glasses from Sanos. I finally just gave them to him.

I desperately wanted some polarized glasses when I go to the beach, surf, boat. I am happy that they are so flexible and super light, I was worried that they wouldn’t be.

People are always complimenting me on them, and of course my brother took a pair of mine so he could use them. So I had to get more for myself. I am for sure hooked and wont wear plastic glasses ever again.

Wooden Sunglasses 99.00
Here is a link to see pictures/ models of Sanos glasses


I love my wooden sunglasses from Woodies


I love my wooden sunglasses from Woodies. They are light weight even though they are made out of wood. So durable and awesome. Went boating with my friends this summer and they flew off my face from the wind. We went back and found them no problem floating. I have worn plastic sun glasses my whole life and now that I have worn wooden glasses I am never going back to plastic. Plus everyone needs to be informed of BPA that is in plastic. Don’t wear plastic on your face! Do not drink out of a plastic cup or water bottle ever!!!

Along with light weight and comfort, the back of my ears are happy now. The top of my ears would ache after an hour driving with my plastic glasses.

Thank you wooden glasses!!!! Finally a pair I love! coupon code WOODIES2

All their sun glasses are made from zebra wood. 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun. Each pair of glasses comes with a hard case and a soft towel to clean the glasses. Woodies does offer a one year guarantee.

Click here for pictures on their website.