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I have been using Natureday for the past 8 months and am thrilled with the results. I am a middle age guy and I have wanted to have a more feminine figure for many years. Last Xmas I purchased the cream, pills and the drops and the results are just what I hoped for. My breasts have increased from a typically flat male chest to a definite A cup size and they are quite “full bodied”. I even have some bounce in them when going for a run. The growth was quite rapid in the first 3 months and then seemed to slow down a little for the next 5 months. I still have some of the cream left but will soon be ordering another supply of the pills and the drops. I love the feel of the cream and enjoy massaging it on each breast several times a day. From my experience the drops have been the most effective of the 3 methods but these ran out after 5 months. For my next order I will get extra drops as I intend using more of these each day. If you are a male who wants to increase the size of your breasts and develop a more feminine figure, then I highly recommend the Natureday products (I cannot comment on the soap as I have not used it). I have read several reviews that suggest the growth seems to be permanent even after you stop using the product, but as I am still using the products I don’t know if this is correct. If you are considering using these products, then I suggest that you need to be serious about making the decision to start, because from my experience, you will have growth, and it may become difficult to keep it hidden.