Frequently Asked Questions About NatureDay Products




I don’t like my breasts because they’re so small. Can Natureday breast enlargement pills, liquid, cream, and soap REALLY work for me?

Definitely! FULFILLMENT has the premier herbal products on the market today for breast enlargement. Our combination of herbal products have assisted thousands of women and men all over the world. Try one bottle and you will see results in 5 to 20 days. The success rate is beyond compare.


How long have people been using breast enlargement herbs?

Women have used the herbs in the Natureday products safely and effectively for centuries. Natureday has been offering their products world wide since 2001


Once I have reached the size I want and am comfortable with, will my breast shrink in size once I stop taking the pills/liquid/cream/soap?

Your results will sustain if your breast tissue has had adequate time for growing. Usually this takes about 6 months, but some customers experience this in just one to two months. So, it is up to your body.


I am a male, will the Natureday breast enlargement products work for me?

Yes. The herbs in Fulfillment restore and stimulate the enlargement of fatty breast tissue. They act like hormones to balance circulation. The Herbs in FULFILLMENT stimulate breast development on anyone with little or no breast tissue, so it can be useful for females and males.


I have tried other products without success. Why would your breast enlargement pill and liquid work any differently?

We do not make any false claims about our products. The only thing Natureday breast enlarger will do for you is increase your breast size. Our products contain only herbs that are proven to enhance breast size. Many other companies offer diluted forms of these essential breast growing herbs. The diluted version of these herbs may not be enough to work for you. We also offer the liquid enhancement that is very potent. With the unique combination of liquid and pills, our products are just the best on the market.


The Natureday products sound almost to good to be true. Are these real products, and is Natureday a real company?

Yes, of course they are real products that work. Natureday started in 2001 and now has more testimonials then any other enlargement product on the planet . If the products were fake then we could not keep offering them for the public for that long. Natureday is registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has a perfect record!


Once I have obtained the results I desire, can I return to using caffeine in my diet?

Although caffeine is a stimulant that should be avoided since it slows down the growing process, there will be no adverse effects to drink it after you have reached your goal.


Is there any alcohol in the Natureday breast enlargement products?

Our liquid extract does have a small amount of alcohol in it to sustain the purity of the herbs. There is as much alcohol in one dropper as a ripe banana.


Why do you have both Breast pills and liquid? Other companies just offer pills, but with you guys I get both?

Taking the liquid and the pills in a combination lets you achieve the best results. The liquid is more concentrated than the pills, therefore we want to please our customers by ensuring the best results. The world thinks that there is a magic pill, but we have found the magic is in both the liquid and the pills. In taking the liquid first, the growth becomes more rapid and we recommend taking the pills after to get more growth.


Can I drink alcohol or wine while using the breast enlargement products?

Yes, you can. It is always best to drink in moderation.


Is it safe for pregnant women to use the  breast enlargement products?

Since no studies have been conducted on pregnant women, we would recommend waiting until after pregnancy and nursing.


Will the breast enlargement products interfere with my birth control pills?

No. Studies show it is safe to use the herbs in while on birth control pills.


Is my diet an important factor in how well FULFILLMENT breast enlarger will work for me?

Eating healthy is always important. It is especially important to eat well when using FULFILLMENT so the body can generate healthy new tissue. Taking a multivitamin and flax seed oil will also help your body be more healthy.


Will breast enlargement products work for people with a high metabolism?

Yes, the breast products can work for people with a high metabolism. You should take the capsules and liquid about an hour after you eat a meal, preferably after dinner.


I drink a lot of coffee, will that interfere with the potency of the enlargement products?

Yes, Caffeine will slow down the growth process. What we recommend you do is cut back on the coffee- or at least drink half the caffeine coffee. If you drink the caffeine in the morning then take the breast growth products at the opposite time of the day.


Do cigarettes have a negative effect while taking breast enlargement products?

It is OK that you smoke while using Natureday’s products, but it would help if you limit the number of cigarettes out of your daily routine. If your body thinks you are getting healthier because you are smoking less, your breasts will grow faster.


I’m interesting in order your breast enlargement products, but I do not want anyone to know what I’m ordering. Are your packages discreet?

We understand and respect your need for privacy. We ship all packages very discreetly. The only thing anyone will see is the return address with the name “Nature Inc.” on it.

Can I order by mail?

Yes, Please see our ordering by mail page.



How long will my package take to get here?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours from being placed on the website. All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service. Shipping is 3-10 business days. International orders take 1 to 6 weeks.


Can I get a tracking number on my order?

We put tracking numbers on every package and email that information when the order ships.


My Breasts are not the same size. One of them is a lot smaller then the other, can your products help me?

This is a very common situation. We recommend you to use the enlargement cream and or the liquid extract on the smaller breasts while taking 1 to 3 droppers of the liquid a day. That will help to enlarge both the breasts evenly.


Will the Natureday breast enlargement products cause me to gain weight? Will it affect other parts of my body?

No, the Natureday herbs will not cause you to gain weight, and will not affect any part of your body besides the breasts. The herbs stimulate Phyto-estrogens in receptor sites inside the breasts, which stimulate new cell growth. No other area of you will be affected.


Can Natureday breast enlargement products help me to get the shape and firmness that I had when I was younger?

Yes, the herbs can help you to get back the shape and firmness you once had.


Can my breasts get too large with the breast growth products?

You have the control over how large your breasts grow. Simply stop using the products once you are satisfied with your size.


Does the herbs in the Natureday products affect sexual functionality?

All of Natureday products help the libido in both women /men, and will not decease the sperm count or inhibit male/ female potency. The herbs do not harm the penis or erections.


Will the breast enlargement products cause me to get cancer or any other types of diseases?

No, There is no way that natural herbs could cause any problems such as cancer. Herbs only help and heal people not harm them.


Have animals been used for testing of your products? Are your products vegan?

Natureday does not use animals in our testing. All of our products are 100% vegan. The capsules around our pills are vegetarian.


What if I can not handle the taste of the liquid extract, some people say on the testimonials say it is bitter?

If you put the 30 to 90 drops (1 to 3 droppers full) in a full glass of water you will hardly be able to taste the liquid extract. Also, some customers put the drops in juice or mint tea to mask the taste.


Can I take more than the suggested dosages of the capsules or the liquid to speed up growth?

If you want to see results sooner, we recommend that you double your dose of the liquid for the first week. Then take the recommended amount: 3 pills of capsules a day, or if you are taking the liquid. One dropper full of liquid a day.


What are your return policies?

See guarantee policy for return information if you are unsatisfied with our breast enlargement pill. We will always accept returns of unopened bottles and grant a full refund minus shipping.


How can I contact you if I have any questions?

We can email us at info at natureday.com or snail mail us at P.O. Box 1313 Anacortes, WA 98221