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Hello I’ve been using the pills, soap, cream and liquid for about 6 months and have noticeably great results. I am very pleased. Just ordered some more soap today. I have enclosed my before and current photos for your reference. I am now a full B cup, trying for a C cup by the new-year. I want to say that the products REALLY work and that your customer service is second to none. You always answer my questions in a timely manner and have been so helpful in getting my combo orders right and to me in about 5 days (for some reason it always seems that I order on Saturday, you ship on Monday and I have my items by Thursday). Simply the finest customer service I have ever experienced; Informative, caring and sincere. Keep it up and you should win a J.D. Powers award. Thanks again for everything. I’ll update you with more Pix in a couple of months. First picture at 2 months, second one at 6 months. I’m Lov’n it!