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I want to an update of how it is going. I am happy so far and I can see and so does my wife an increase in size of my breast, they are not flat and they have a curve in it so that make me very happy. After I rub the cream on my breast I go down to my favorite part massage my penis and put a bit extra on it. the feeling is marvelous and my penis is heavier placid and erect, she was always long but this time she is fatter, just like it. My wife’s breast are more rounder and fuller. I am happy how she looks, not as flat and honestly more than a mouthful. after she rub the cream on her breast I will sucks on it for a while and I like that too. Now the serious part. There is no doubt in our minds that this cream and drops work, absolutely, however, the cost is pretty high and for us Canadians we have to deal with our exchange rate. As such we have to discontinue to buy more as we pay well over $100.00 Canadian and we need a jar and drops every month. so we want to buy more but not on a monthly basis. Maybe a month from now or in December perhaps. We will discuss how we going to buy more. In the meantime keep up the good works and let guys know that this breast cream can help make our penises bigger. Take care.