3 Ways to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

In this article we’re going to go through three safe and relatively easy ways to make your breasts look bigger. No fluff, no nonsense, no doctor-talk, just a pleasant return to time-tested basics.


Breast Massage

1) Lavish Yourself with Breasts Massages

No, not a massage of your pectorals or a conventional massage. We’re talking about specific breast massages that target their fatty tissue and adipose fats, both of which are proven to be very responsive to active physical stimulation.

As the massage takes place, supportive Cooper’s ligaments and blood circulation also start showing signs of excitement and this is as close as it gets to “flexing” your milk-producing breasts vs. pectoralis muscles.

This quasi-flexing over time does have a positive impact on the overall firmness and shape of the breasts which then can be accentuated by style – bras, low-cut shirts, neckline dresses, makeup, etc.

Furthermore, hormonal responses are also triggered which increase oxytocin, a VERY helpful hormone.

In the simplest of terms, when breasts are being massaged the body is trained to “switch on” reproductive systems that come into play during childbirth and breast-feeding. For example, when a baby suckles this stimulates oxytocin release. Typically, they don’t just suckle, they put their little paws on the beast and squeeze and rub and hug. You get the idea.


2) Put More Focus on Your Posture

How’s your posture? Sorry, that’s a trick question because it’s hard to diagnose your own posture (unless it’s absolutely horrid). When looking into a mirror it’s typically forced-posture vs. when you’re not thinking and slouching in your computer chair or walking with your head down and a forward lean.

So, two important points:

  • Genuine confidence, not ego, to the human mind as a biological machine is interpreted most often as beauty. And, once we perceive something or someone as beautiful, features are accentuated. This is why significant others almost always perceive their lady’s breasts as larger than they really are.
  • Body language matters. It’s responsible for most human communication whether we’re aware of this fact or not. What does your body language say about, or do for your breasts?

There’s no secret to good posture. It’s common knowledge. The trick is making it habitual. Hold head up high, shoulders back, suck in the gut, and so on.


fenugreek3) Leverage Mother Nature – Herbs

Truth is, humans have wanted bigger, perkier, more appealing breasts for a LONG time. Beauty has been popular for a while…

And what did humanity turn to before the modern era for not only everything having to do with medicine, but beauty as well?

Plants. More specifically herbs, because herbs have amazing terpenes and compounds that our bodies (which are made of the same earth) respond to in varying degrees. The only problem is there are so many known herbs, about 100 of which are in the National Library of Medicine’s herb garden alone.

So which ones are safe and effective?

Here at NatureDay we’re all about herbs, especially these which you can you leverage and enjoy through any of our natural breast enlargement products:

  • Dong Quai
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel

Why these? Without going deep into the science and physiology of it all, it’s because these herbs have scientifically demonstrated abilities to trigger beneficial hormones and physical responses that safely enlarge breasts to a degree. Think of it as an internal herbal massage. They don’t make the body create more breasts tissue, just stimulate in very similar ways to a physical massage.