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We’re all herbalists whether we know it or not. They’re the base of most conventional medicines and pharmaceuticals, in countless consumer products, responsible for the lion’s share of our colognes and perfumes, and on and on.

The most fundamental reason has to do with their chemical makeup. Because what we call “emotion” or a better mood is a mixture of two things: thoughts & corresponding physical reactions which make the thoughts more real. For example, what would “fear” be without any of the physical reactions to it?

You got it…nothing but a thought. A picture in your mind, or perhaps a couple words. It’s the connection that leads to action and we didn’t get through our harsh evolution by being lazy.

Thoughts, are a mixture of chemicals and energy. So, if you change the chemicals in your brain (for example by adding new ones from herbs) then you change your reality.

Humans have always gotten this as far back as known history goes to the original shamans and medicine men/women.

But, where do we turn today? There are many thousands of herbs. Which ones are amazing when it comes to improving overall mood without causing intoxication? Glad you asked. Here are 5 you can experiment with safely and see how they influence your state of mine.

1: Lemon Balm (Melisa Officinalis)

Whether you dig deep into medical journals or consult scholars in medical centers, lemon balm is universally recognized as the “calming herb” thanks to its terpene profile (chemicals responsible for smell) and potent essential oil.

Of course it’s readily available, but to be honest, in an ideal world you would grow some of your own from organic seeds in your backyard or indoor garden. The plants only grow to about 2-feet high, the gorgeous mellow-yellow flowers bloom in spring and summer.

2: Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea)

Most people associate depression with coldness and darkness, right? Well, ironically, golden root actually comes from very cold mountainous regions in Central Asia as well as the Arctic…brrrrr.

But that’s the point. The chemical structures this plant has evolved over time to adapt to these environments helps humans adapt to stress and anxiety by increasing “positive” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It’s HUGE in the eastern world, but still just catching on in the west.

3. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

Straight from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH):

“St. John’s wort may help some types of depression, similar to treatment with standard prescription antidepressants…”

With the disclaimer that results in the conventional westernized medical sense are still inconclusive. Do keep in mind this herb goes back centuries. But, and here’s where things get tricky, it can have negative impacts on certain people and when taken in conjunction with certain prescription medicines.

If you’re looking for scholarly work, a 2009 systematic review of 29 studies from around the world concluded that,

“St. John’s Wort may be better than a placebo and as effective as standard prescription antidepressants for major depression of mild to moderate severity.”

As long as you do your homework and talk to your physician to get the thumbs up, you should be fine. Your doctor or an herb specialist can help you figure out the right kinds of delivery and dosage.

4. Industrial Hemp

No, we’re not talking about Marijuana, we’re talking about industrial hemp that’s used and consumed across the globe in thousands of ways without anyone getting intoxicated. Many argue it was humanity’s first agricultural crop, so it goes back over 10,000 years.

The vast majority of hemp consumption today comes from the seed, which is added to endless amounts of skin products and turned into foods like hemp milks, protein powder, chocolates, and so forth.

Hemp is a better mood plant because it’s so absolutely packed with a 100% full array of amino acids in the perfect ratio for the human body. When organic and from quality seed, the oils, extracts, and food also deliver massive amounts of vitamins/minerals and plant-based protein. So yeah, a better body definitely leads to a happier state of mind.

5. Fenugreek & Fennel

These two enjoy incredible synergy which is one of the reasons we have them in our

Fulfillment Extract and Breast Enlargement Cream blends. While on one hand Fenugreek is a known aphrodisiac. Fennel brings a smorgasbord of mood-friendly phytonutrients and antioxidants. They also come from the same Mediterranean region, which means they aren’t strangers to one another either
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