Female to Male Sex Change

Female to Male Sex Change

7 Steps for Female to Male Sex Change

Talk to Physiatrist

This step may be the most important. Going through life feeling unfit in your skin is hard. People seem to love their body and you just can’t relate. So, you believe that a sex change is the only option. Maybe it is. Although it’s not only a major change physically. It’s a very mental challenge as well.

By talking to a physiatrist, you aren’t getting reassurance to transition. To be honest you will be the only one to tell yourself that answer. They will be able to talk to you and make sure this decision is what you want. You cannot be on the fence when making this decision, you have to be all in.

Having a physiatrist from beginning to end will allow you to not feel alone. Times will get ridiculously hard. It’s not an easy process. You will need a strong support group. A physiatrist may be able to help you when no one else can.


Make the Decision

Once you have made the final decision 7 Steps for Female to Male Sex Change.  You have convinced your physiatrist this is the right decision. You are ready for the next step. This is to fully commit. Tell your family, boss, and friends about the major change you will be going through. Beginning and allowing them to notice on their own is not the right choice. You will be going through a lot during transition and you don’t know what might throw you off the deep end.

So, once you have decided, begin doing research. There are so many doctors and methods. You need to find everything that fits you. Don’t go through with anything that isn’t 100% what you want. You want this experience to be as easy as possible.

Begin Hormone Therapy

This is when it begins to get real. When you start hormone therapy you are doing two things. Your doctor will give you something to block your estrogen. Then they will turn around and give you something to boost testosterone. Be sure to do your research and decide which method you prefer to go with:

  • The Shot
  • The Pill
  • The Patch

Some doctors will let you choose your option. Although, understand that some won’t as they can often choose the best option for you based on information you provide.

When you are beginning this process just understand no matter how much research you do you aren’t a doctor. They went to many years of school to know what they are doing. It’s important to understand we cannot learn everything they know. So, don’t go in thinking so. And be sure to ask every question. No question is stupid.

During hormone therapy you will begin to see changes. These changes include:

  • Deepening of your voice
  • Facial hair
  • Muscle definition
  • Fat pattern change
  • Enlargement of the clitoris

Begin Surgeries

There are a series of surgeries you undergo in order to become a male:


This is the process you go through to remove the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, the uterus, and the doctor may or may not take out the cervix. The ovaries are in charge of producing estrogen. This will stop your period of hormone therapy hasn’t already. You should normally see your period completely stop by month four of hormone therapy.

You may choose to bypass this surgery if your hormone therapy is working great or if you’re comfortable having those parts still. Remember it’s up to you.

Metoidioplasty -Option One-

A vaginectomy is a process a doctor must perform in order to do a metoidioplasty. It is the removal of the vagina. A metoidioplasty is the process that transforms your clitoris into a penis. Remember I told you your clitoris will grow naturally from the hormone therapy. You may also use testosterone boosted products like penis enlargement soap to increase your clitoris size. Well that’s why it’s administered before this surgery.

The doctors extend your urethra and put it through your new penis. Your penis will actually be called a “neopenis.”

To gain size in your penis a doctor will use tissues from the vagina cheek, labia minora, and other parts of the vagina. The reasoning doctors do this is to allow you to stand up to pee.

The only con is that your neopenis will most likely be too small to have sex by penetration.

Phalloplasty -Option Two-

Phalloplasty is the second option you will be given in order for doctors to create a neopenis. Although unlike metoidioplasty your doctor will take skin from your arm, though, back, or abdomen to use to create the neopenis. More often than not your doctor will choose the arm (forearm). It’s known to be one of the best options.

By using other tissue doctors are able to create a large neopenis. Problem is even then your neopenis cannot get hard on its own. You must go through another surgery to get a penis implant once your first surgery is healed. This will allow you not only to penetrate your partner but keep it hard for a duration of time.

The con that comes with it is the amount of surgeries you have to go through and the cost. Due to the number of surgeries and visits your bill will be higher. You just have to weigh out the pros and cons and find the option for you.

Optional Breast Augmentation

Everyone knows the general makeup of a man and woman’s chest is quite different. Male pecs look and feel different than a female’s boobs. Their nipples are differently located and structured. You may choose to have breast Augmentation surgery to remove fat and reconstruct the look of your breast.

Begin Your New Life

Now that you have done it you get to love your new life as a man. You get to feel comfortable in your shoes and finally can wear clothes you like, rather than hide your girlish body. Being able to start fresh is great. Just be sure to love your support group a little extra. It’s hard on them to watch you hurt.


When making the decision to go from female to male it’s important to be 100% certain. Be sure to talk to a physiatrist because they will be able to tell you things no one else can. It’s an awfully hard process so be sure you aren’t doing it alone.  I matter what we say, or the internet says it’s your transformation and it’s up to you. Don’t compromise on something so major. Do what your heart desires and needs not what is available.

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