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This is a review of this Green, Blue, and silver Alkaline machine.  We first saw it on and now we offer all three machines on Natureday.

The silver Alkaline Machine works just as good as the kangen name brand water machines. We know of someone who sells the Kangen machines and is always trying to get people to buy one. They are 4,500 each- yikes!

Why are they so expensive? What is the difference between the Kangen machine and any other alkaline water ionizer?

Natureday Alkaline Water Machines 

The reason why they are such highly priced is because 7 people profit every time one is purchased. I heard from someone that if a kagen seller sold 100 of them they would get one million a year for the rest of your life. Pyramid scheme are not cool.  We did water tests to prove the cheaper alkaline machine (1,700) verses the (4,500) expensive name brand pyramid brand- Kangen. All the tests were the same ph.  Even putting a tea bag in cold water to see if the room temperature alkaline water would make tea. Out of  the samples- the results were the same.

Natureday Alkaline Water Machines