breast_augmentation_clip_image001We’ve talked with many Nature Day customers who have undergone breast augmentation and many of them are unhappy with the results of their surgeries. Here’s how some of them expressed their feelings.

“I would never advise a woman to get implants. And yes, I know how tempting the implants are when you see nice Photoshop-tastic breasts in magazines and advertising. It got me. I intended on seeing full round breasts in the mirror, but the reality was SO different! Yes, implants present the illusion of bigger breasts and look good in some clothes. But make no mistake, there’s much more to them when they’re really in your body.”


15 Common Breast Augmentation Complaints

  1. Implants present a health risk and come with untold complications.
  2. Nipples become numb and you can lose overall “feeling” in your breasts.
  3. They feel like you’re carrying around two bags in your chest. All day, every day.
  4. You’re aware of them around the clock, even in your dreams.
  5. Thanks to artificial padding, hugging can feel awkward.
  6. Lying on your stomach feels uncomfortable.
  7. Implants don’t warm up as quickly as the body so they feel cold.
  8. Running and jumping strains your chest.
  9. They’re heavy.
  10. Clothing doesn’t fit as well.
  11. Breast augmentation can make you look chunkier.
  12. Implants might only last for 10 years.
  13. Unsightly wrinkling and rippling occurs if you don’t have enough breast tissue.
  14. It’s harder to breath.
  15. They feel like a false extension of your body.

More Quotes…

“For me the bottom line is this: breast augmentation surgery isn’t worth it.”

“You can lose a ton of money first of all, and keep in mind I’m speaking from direct experience here.”

“I had my implants for 7 solid years. The first set was saline under the muscles and they looked downright horrid. And yes, they felt like bags of water always rippling under my skin.”

“Whenever I flexed my chest muscles, which happens constantly, they weren’t flattering at all. My muscles were pushing them to the sides and flattening them so I became embarrassed and stopped working out at the gym.”

“Eventually I’d had enough and went through a revision to switch them to softer silicone placed over the muscles. There were some improvements, sure, but they still felt fake like two bags hanging on my chest. I actually lost feeling in my breasts which was awful. They still wrinkle whenever I so much as lean over.”

“Listen, I’ve spent a small fortune trying to obtain nice breasts but, for me, implants simply can’t deliver.”

250_breast_augmentation_natureday-com_“My last breast implant removal surgery is happening soon and this will be one of the happiest days of my life – returning back to myself. I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach again, get back into the gym, and hug people without feeling awkward.”

“Implants simply don’t behave the same way natural breasts do. Instead they’re always firm and feel glued on. Some women seem to like that but not me, no way.”

“From my experience most guys prefer the natural warm and soft breast anyway rather than the feeling of a cold round melons in their hands. Realize that it’s a huge adjustment you’re committing to. Breast augmentation can bring with it plenty of money and complication problems.”

“All I ended up realizing is that I detest the feeling of having a fake device implanted in me.”

“Now of course if you ask a doctor about this stuff they’re going to do their best to dismiss or deny everything which is fine. That’s their job. The truth however is that many women feel like I do, in fact I know 10 on a personal level that have removed their implants and couldn’t be happier.”