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Breast Enhancement from France.

(04-13-16) hi! here are some new pictures. I stopped a little and i am coming back to fulfillment. As you see my breast have not decreased. With my third year, i hope bigger ones because i love big big breasts for me and you! – amiel from Paris France

(12-29-16) some of my newest pictures . I will end my second year soon. They make me more and more happy.. .I hope the same to all of those who are waiting such a good result for a real good and womanish new year ! ! amiel 

(10-18-09) Hi all! here are some pics of mine for update. I continue with natureday. This is a real great pleasure. Amiel from Paris

(08-09-16) here is my “status” in the middle of my summer holidays. Now I want to work their length because I want big tits but longer ones too. I will be happy to learn any method from anybody for this goal…. Amiel (from Paris, France – [email protected])

(06-18-16) A quick update.- to say in some words : My big breasts makes me feel very happy. These female forms are opening new gates to me… Your product have made a dresam true more and more. Full, sensitive, firm, rubber, .. fruity ? they bounce when i walk . Great sensation..They are still very tender and sometimes painful; i like this soft pain in the middle of my nights.. It is like I feel them growing in my hands ! I can wear a varied assortments of wonder bras. Really i like this other being that natureday has made me.- Amiel from Paris

(05-10-16) Month after month, my breasts enhancement are going onto their road… rubbish,fuller,sensitive and firmer. Here are a few updated pics of me for 2009,may. I have just got a new pack of liquid… To-day, I start with a new step. I’ve bought for some friends too. I can’t stop because ofl so much tender soreness. Moreover, my breasts gave me new “friends…” !ô^ô. Amiel from Paris 

(04-02-16) Here is now my testimonial after more than a year since I have “discovered” and adopted natureday. I had proposed your products to some friends even from far continents. I recommend your product to anyone who wishes to have fuller breasts. Many are sorry because they have not queen’s breasts after a month ! Let us be patient, and the results will come! Add a real desire to have and you will got them.. Think of the size, the width, the shape you want they have and they will listen to you… Dream to your goal… As to me I am happy with my breasts, and I cannot stop! I will try two years and we will see after. Their weight are very exciting when I am walking, when I am sleeping too… I love this blend… Amiel from Paris France 

(02-07-16 Hi all! here is my « contribution » of February. Now I have been using fulfillment a full year. I would let you to know how my development is going. They are nice. A lot of men and women looking at them on some web sites (youtubeÂ…) think soÂ… They feel very soft, rubbish, natural and bouncy. What a pleasure to catch them, to walk, to sleep, to live withÂ… And I do not stopÂ… What will they become ?! – Amiel, from Paris, France ([email protected]

(12-21-16) After 11 months with fulfillment, here are new pictures of mine. I am very happy with my boobs. I am more and more joyous because of them. All in me is made womanish more and more; open-minded, patience, sensitiveness, …I am lucky because my neighbourhood is favorable.. I hope my success does not prevent anybody from sending pictures. it seems we see less and less pictures there . why ? I am ready to help anybody who wants to step forward. I owe a great debt of gratitude to natureday, fulfillment who has changed my life. What a blessing! so I have new friends in US, Australia, India, Nigeria… It’s worth trying, yes indeed! – Amiel from Paris, France ([email protected])

(11-11-16) Here is my new pictures all bare boobs, for november after more than ten months with fulfillment. Your wonderful product helped me to get the huge result I have been expecting long years.. Congratulations for this special blend that we cannot find anywhere… Great pleasure to feel my b reasts so tender so heavy and nicely sore.. Great pleasure to fill my bra I wear every day. Great pleasure when I feel them hanging and dancing under me when I lean forward.. So I go on with you.. for some inches more..; My measures to-day : under them : 42 ; around my nipples : 48. Amiel from France; [email protected]

(10-04-16) Does fulfillment work ? I am an alive proof as so many others, I think.I join an animated picture (readable by most of net navigators) after 9 months… After audio testimonials, why not video testimonials ? and a BBC (Big Boobs Club) with all the big-breasted volunteers?. Around my nipples I started from 44.5 I am now 47.5 . I hope 50 and more ! Kisses Amiel from Paris-FR ([email protected])

(09-22-16) Larger, bigger, heavier, my breasts grow week after week.. I began with natureday eight months ago… Yes the are mine and real! How will they be after two years ? Anyhow I want to go on… I like when they fill my hands and those of my friends… I would big breasts. They are growing, I will let them growing… That fits me too much! Amiel 

(07-02-16) Hi. I come back. I send you new pictures after six months with fulfillment. Great happiness. I want to gon on the road for big breasts. following our friend Jayme. Every day I have a look at his pictures. It’s a supplement in the “treatment” : auto-suggestion and hypnosis..- Amiel from PARIS (Fr)