shutterstock_200098262-340x340Breast Enlargement Massage

It’s true, the easy (and enjoyable) act of massaging your breasts not only enlarges them to a degree but provides a host of other lesser known benefits as well. So in this article we’re going to briefly discuss the important ways to enhancement the breasts through massage and then get into a quick 3-step approach to enhancing your breasts in an ancient natural way.

5 Ways Massaging Benefits Your Breasts

  1. Like any other soft tissue, gently rubbing and massaging breast tissue is stimulating to your fat and muscle cells. This maximizes blood circulation and oxygen levels increasing firmness.
  2. Soon the massaging begins to increase soft tissue elasticity so they’re as full as the they can be.
  3. Massaging (and drinking plenty of water) cleanses toxins stored in the lymphatic system and muscle tissue.
  4. The more you massage your breasts, the more you become aware of their unique contours. Should anything change, even slightly, you’ll be right on top of it.
  5. Breast massage causes the brain to secrete oxytocin, which outside of the medical world is simply known as the happy/love chemical. They help you feel better!

Now, that said, let’s get into an easy 3-step approach to breast massage that will help you make this a fun part of your life.

Step 1: Preparation

First, head over to YouTube or into the blogosphere and watch some professional breast massage videos until you’ve got the gist. It shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes max. Simply describing it to you here in words isn’t enough, you need to see it.

Afterwards, there’s three items to consider investing in:

  1. Heating Pad: From increasing circulation and opening your pours to calming your mind, heat is an important part because of how your body reacts. All you’ll need is a little heating pad that gets warm quick and is easy to clean. Aside from this, try to time your massages for after hot baths and showers.
  2. Liquid Extract or Massage Oil: The oil or liquid extract benefits your skin and muscles in a large assortment of ways depending on the type. Consider Natureday’s Fulfillment Extract which you can easily add to your own house lotion because it’s safe (100% natural) and herb-based.
  3. Enhancement Cream: Also consider leveraging the power of an all-natural Breast Enhancement Cream which thanks to the heat you’ve applied will absorb far better and stimulate the mammary glands.

Step 2: Planning

For most people it can be challenging to add breast massages into their weekly routine. It’s going to take some repetition before the act becomes habitual and you really begin to see the benefits and fruits of your labor.

There is no perfect time of day or night, it’s really up to you and your preferences. However, massaging best compliments times of great stress (after work) or in the evening about an hour before nodding off to sleep. And yes, you should see your quality of sleep improve as well.

Step 3: Focus on Technique

Only through practice will you get accustomed to the right levels of pressure, how to use your fingers and palm, effective hand movements, and how to start from the center around the nipple working your way outward.

Then it’s a matter of finding the oils and creams you not only enjoy, but see the best results with. Natureday has thousands of testimonials who adore our mastogenic herb-based extract, cream and soap.