Breast Expansion

Breast Expansion

Breast Expansion: Here’s What It Is

If you’ve Googled the words, “Breast Expansion” there’s only about two options on the table: either you’re looking to feast your eyes on some, or you have no clue what it is or what all the fuss is about.

So, what’s breast expansion?

Well, it’s a fetish. Not sexual…really, and pretty harmless. Typically, it’s a video presentation or animation of a woman wearing some sort of clothing/bra who’s breasts then slowly or quickly expand/enlarge.

Often there’s some butt expansion thrown into the voluptuous mix as well.

Yep, that’s it. Really. Here’s an Example Video that really does a good job of representing what the fetish is without anything X-rated.

What’s Breast Expansion Do?

Obviously for the “models” nothing harmful is happening. Usually they use simple tools, like balloons, but other presentations get crafty so it look more real.

For those that consume this type of entertainment, in terms of cause there are wild theories. For the male viewership, a good one is that it triggers the Freudian “breast-feeding” emotions. For others, it’s a less extravagant turn on perhaps.

Either way, it’s silly, especially when the breasts in question get much bigger than basketballs…we’re talking awkwardly and unnaturally huge (same thing for the behemoth backsides).

Breast Expansion Art

Oh yeah, now things get really interesting. In essence it’s taking the image of a woman, or creating the artistic impression of a woman, and then enhancing the breasts so they’re enormous. And once again, this is often paired with crazy-big thighs/glutes.

To see some creative stuff, check out the #BreastExpansion hashtag results page on Deviant Art. Last time I scrolled through it I didn’t see anything X-rated, but beware.


What else is there to say about breast expansion other than it’s silly. Hopefully it doesn’t negatively impact the self-perception of women, or men for that matter because this gets wild with muscles, and get them thinking they need to look completely in-human to be attractive.

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