Breast Growth Herbs That Work

Many women look to increase their breast size but don’t want to undergo the extensive, and expensive, breast augmentation surgery that also comes with risks of complications and a lengthy recovery time. There are options for breast growth that don’t involve surgery, however. One of these options are breast growth herbs and there are many that work very well. Looking for breast growth herbs that work? The following herbs have been known to increase breast size as well as help to regulate hormones. Some even help with other health problems which can only add to their advantages as supplements. Let’s take a look at just how you can grow bigger breasts naturally.

Wild Yam

Wild yam works in two ways to help promote breast growth. First, it is packed full of phytoestrogens which help to boost estrogen levels in the body. This will naturally grow breast tissue in a healthy way. Second, it is an anti-androgen. This allows the body to grow that natural breast tissue, produce more prolactin as well as progesterone. All of this works together to make wild yam one of the most effective breast growth herbs available. This herb also works well as an anti-inflammatory, helping with joint pain and other aches and pains. It is helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol as well.


This is one of the most effective breast growth herbs as it has many phytoestrogens that other herbs don’t, and in quantities that other herbs can’t match. These phytoestrogens include yamogenin, tigogenin, diosgenin, and gitogenin. All of these phytoestrogens mimic your very own estrogen but boost their levels as well which promotes breast growth in a natural way, making them bigger and fuller. While it is increasing estrogen levels, it also increases progesterone and prolactin which only boosts the efficacy of those estrogen levels. It can increase prolactin levels so much that new mothers sometimes take it to help when breastfeeding. When it comes to health benefits not related to breast growth, fenugreek can lower cholesterol levels, help relieve constipation and help with the symptoms of menopause.


Unlike wild yam and fenugreek discussed above that contain phytoestrogens, fennel contains phytoprogestins. While they work to provide the same results, they work in slightly different ways. Phytoprogestins mimic the progesterone in your body which is also necessary for healthy breast growth. It also stimulates the production of prolactin. This can help those who are breastfeeding but if you aren’t, it can help enhance the size of your bust, and it has been used for centuries for both reasons. If you want to enjoy bigger, fuller breasts, fennel and fennel seeds can help you do this.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle, like nearly every herb on this list of breast growth herbs that work, helps to stimulate the mammary glands’ production of milk if you are breastfeeding, if you are. If not, the prolactin that causes this can be used to grow breast size. This herb naturally increases the levels of estrogen in the body to also naturally increase breast size. Blessed thistle has other health benefits as well, including improving blood circulation overall. This can be of benefit for older adults as well, especially those who are post-menopausal when certain health risks increase.

Other Herbs That Help Increase Breast Size

These are not the only herbs that increase breast size. There are many more, almost too many to list. Some have different qualities that work to accomplish the same goal of a bigger breast size. For example, saw palmetto is used to help balance out hormone imbalances which not only keep your breasts from increasing in size but may be preventing the other herbs on this list from working as effectively as they could be. Dandelion root is also beneficial in helping the breasts naturally grow larger by supporting the naturally occurring generation of new, healthy cells and tissues. Other breast growth herbs that work include: watercress leaf, marshmallow roots, dong quai, and Pueraria Mirifica among others.

Breast Massage

It has long been known that breast massage can help not only to increase breast size but also to ensure breast health as well. To get the most out of your breast massage routine, you should plan on spending at least 15 to 30 minutes each time and find a breast massage technique that works for you. There are oils and creams that work for this. The breast massage itself is already going to help you maintain breast health as well as promote breast growth. However, you can also add in several of the herbs that are listed here so you can improve the efficacy of both the massage and the herbs. For example, fenugreek can be worked into a paste and used during your breast massage. Both fenugreek and fennel can be turned into a massage oil. And fennel can be used in a lotion. Combining the breast massage technique of your choice along with the breast growth herbs that work can effectively increase the efficacy of both.

Want to Increase Bust Size Without Surgery?

Going under the knife can be a scary proposition when you are just trying to gain bigger, fuller breasts. Bigger breasts can help to improve self-image and boost confidence, not to mention other benefits. However, you don’t have to go through the pain and associated risks of breast augmentation surgery to get the breast size you’ve always dreamed of. There has to be a better way. These breast growth herbs that work can help you to naturally grow bigger breasts, and with a little time you can see the results you want without the headache and bill of surgery. Take a look at the testimonials given by those who have tried breast enhancement herbs and give them a try yourself. You might just be surprised with the results.