Breast Implant Complications

If you are having surgery, there are going to be risks. It is important to be aware of these risks, even when you have surgery for breast implants. There are normal risks that come with any kind of surgery, such as: anesthesia risks, bleeding, and infections. Also, like with other surgeries, there are complications that are specific to breast augmentation surgery. Here is a little bit of information about those specific complications and risks that may occur during and after surgery.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a long list of complications that may occur after the surgery. They say that these complications happen in 1% or more of all women who have the procedure. Even if it is as low as one percent, that means that 1 in every 100 people who have this procedure will have complications of some kind. Some of these complications are just a nuisance like the implants not taking the proper shape. While other complications can be life-threatening like Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), which is a type of cancer that has been known to form around the implants.

Though the risk of developing cancer is quite low and the percentage of people who have the complications seems low, it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Complications after having breast implants can be serious. Here are a few complications that may occur:

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Breast Pain

These pains may be temporary or may lead to the need for a second operation to change, adjust or remove the implants altogether.


This is the formation of calcium build up around the implant in the existing breast tissue. Calcification could be a precursor to more serious health issues. This most commonly occurs prior to a diagnosis of cancer. Though that is not always the case, it is certainly something that needs to be monitored.

Inflammation or Irritation

This can be both on the surface of the skin or deep down in the breast tissue. It can be very uncomfortable and even painful. This can be due to many things such as allergic reactions and the body reacting to the presence of foreign objects. In some cases, doctors have suggested that patients undergo secondary operations to have the implants removed.

Difficulties Breastfeeding

It is not uncommon for women who have breast implants to have difficulties with breastfeeding. This depends a lot on the type of surgery performed, where the implants are placed, and the type of implants. Many people also worry about chemicals seeping into the breast milk from the implants. This is something to discuss with your doctor and for more information, you can check out this article.

Skin Rash

Though there is little research to suggest that hives are caused by breast implants, there are numerous stories of people who began breaking out in hives all over their bodies weeks, months, and even years after their breast augmentation surgery. At present, doctors say that these are not related to the implants themselves. But it could be caused by tape, latex gloves, or other things used during the surgical procedure. If you do have the operation and have a skin rash, it is important to contact your surgeon immediately so they can confirm that there is nothing wrong with the implants.


Though most surgical procedures involved in breast augmentation produce minimal visible scars, there will still be visible scarring where the implant is inserted into the body. The biggest problem with a scar, though, is not on the surface. Most of the time when the body undergoes surgery, scar tissue forms at the site of the incision and areas surrounding the site of operation. At times, a second operation is required to go in and remove the scar tissue that builds up over time. This may be rare but it should still be considered, especially if you have had issues with scar tissue with previous surgeries. If you want more information about scarring from a breast augmentation operation, look here.


This is basically when the tissue in certain parts of your body die and it is irreversible. This is usually caused by radiation, chemicals, or injury. But it can occur after having breast augmentation surgery. It occurs generally when the tissue doesn’t get enough blood. This is also known as gangrene and must be removed to prevent infection or further spreading.

Capsular Contracture

This is the hardening of the areas closest to the implant. This can be uncomfortable, painful, and at the very least, it can make your breast feel and even look unnatural.

Other Things to Consider

Here are a few other things you should think about before you choose to go under the scalpel.
The first thing you need to know, breast implants are not a “once-and-you’re-done” kind of surgery. They are a lifelong commitment. They require you to have regular exams to check and make sure that there are no problems with the implants because they are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. For your health and safety, you will need to make sure they are checked regularly so that there aren’t any complications caused by faulty implants.

Second, over time, your body will go through changes due to pregnancy and even menopause that can cause the implants to change shape and appearance. This means that you may need to have other surgeries in the future to fix the changes that your body has made to the implants.

Other Options

If these complications and/or lifetime commitments have you scared but, you still want to have the beautiful full bust that you have dreamed of, there are other options. Natureday is a company that sells natural products that use herbs to enhance your bust line without all of the harsh and damaging things involved in a breast augmentation surgery. If you aren’t convinced, check out Natureday’s testimonials, there are 2,600 of them.

Some of the herbs that will cause natural breast enhancement are: Cumin extract, blessed thistle, fennel, wild yam, and fenugreek. Natureday supplies all of these herbs, and more. When using the right herbs, it is possible to see natural breast enhancement without all the risks of breast augmentation surgery.

In Summary

Surgery is not something that should be taken lightly. Serious harm can come to your body when you start cutting and adding things that aren’t natural. Before you decide to go forth with the surgery, consider all of the risks of complications and the natural and safer options as well. You might just find all the reward without the risk when you look at natural options like those supplied at Natureday.

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