shutterstock_227454943-340x340Breast Implant Surgery Cost

Along with health concerns, the #1 reason women and men avoid breast implants and use alternatives like our breast enlargement cream and extracts is to save massive amounts of money! Those costs are the subject of this article, to help get a better grasp on the costs involved.

Now, if we begin our search with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons your average sticker price for augmentation surgery in 2016 was a smidgen over $4,800.

Then, the cost for removing breast implants if/when something goes wrong is another $9,000 and change. So right off the bat we’re talking an average of $13,800 for the initial augmentation and removal if it comes to that.

What Fees Are Involved?

Of course these can vary depending on the location, clinic, and physician, but general common costs include:

  • The fee you pay for letting a surgeon work on your body.
  • The fee for taking up and using operating breast implant recovery rooms.
  • Anesthesia fee.
  • The fees or cost you pay for the implants themselves. A basic price for Silicone and Saline are usually around $3000-$5000.
  • The fees incurred during each and every follow-up visit afterwards.

So wait a minute, let’s start adding the costs up.

Augmentation, removal, the implants, fees, procedure costs, its adding up. Often you’ll be advised to get a pain pump as well which will add another couple hundred to the bill. How about those expensive MRIs to check on the implants and screen for ruptures (the older you are the higher the price)?

Point is, it’s not cheap. It’s expensive…real expensive. And that’s a fact. Plus, we haven’t considered the other kinds of costs involving your mental and emotional investments. We haven’t considered the potential impacts on your personal relationships either.

Needless to say, we’re not big fans of breast implants. Natureday prefers the safe, all-natural, and herb-based approach which is about mixing the power of breast massage with essential oils and creams focused on mammary glands and soft tissue.