Breast Lift

Difference #1: Cost

If we look at recent statistics from 2014, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) the average cost of a breast lift is about $4400. But, then again, they didn’t account for the other costs involved like rent for the operating room, tests, anesthesia, return visits, surgeon’s fees, any medications you’ll need and so on.

Meanwhile, NatureDay uses harmless organic herbs to stimulate new cell growth in mammary glands. No cutting involved. One of our Complete Packages costs a small fraction of what a breast lift costs, and there are over 5000 testimonials on the site to back it up (many of which provide photographs of results).

Difference #2: Accessibility

In order to be approved for a breast lift there’s a fair amount of recommendations. Let’s just take three from the ASPS as examples so you can see what we mean:

  • Your breasts have a flatter, elongated shape or are pendulous.
  • You are physically healthy and maintain a stable weight.
  • You have stretched skin and enlarged areolas.

When we look at herbal treatments, anyone can use them if they don’t have any natural aversion to the specific herbs in question. The products are 100% legal and backed with research, not to mention thousands of years of history on the books. Plus, no doctor’s office visits or travel are required other than to your mailbox.

Difference #3: Safety

Make no mistake, a breast lift is surgery. Excess skin is removed which tightens the surrounding area to influence the shape and contour of the chest. There may likely be scarring, and per MayoClinic some of the other risks include:

  • Partial or Total Loss of the Nipples/Areolae
  • Irregularities or Asymmetry
  • Infection

While again, if there are no allergic reactions to the herbs in question, herb-based breast enlargement has almost no risk. With a breast lift there’s really no turning back, but with herbs you can stop taking them any time safely and soon they will be naturally expelled completely from the body.

Difference #4: Breast Enlargement

Here’s a quote straight from some of the highest authorities in the plastic surgery industry,

“Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast.”

A breast lift is meant to do just two things – lift the breasts up and move the nipples upward. However, that being said, it’s VERY common for folks to perceive breasts to be smaller after a breast lift despite the fact no actual breast tissue was removed.

This is because in total, when looking at the whole chest area, skin was technically removed to get the job done, right? Furthermore, over time as the breasts settle after surgery, some of the fullness can dim as well.

With herbal breast enlargement there is a specific range of results that you can freely browse yourself through general Google searches or by browsing the thousands of Testimonials sent in from individuals who’ve used our pills, creams, and soaps.