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Different Types of Teeth Whitening

In the past teeth whitening wasn’t a thing. While the importance of healthy teeth has always been important. The general love and appreciation for pearly white teeth have made a major jump. Before it was known to only be a thing for the movies. While they had these nearly unbelievably white sets of teeth, it just wasn’t common to run into at home. These people spent hundreds of dollars on their teeth. That’s hundreds of dollars you and I just don’t have.

Teeth whitening has made a minor turn for the better. Before the methods were so chemically infused it was classified as a health risk and no good. As it striped off enamel and other positive features. Although, with more research and new products. They were allowed to create a series of methods to whiten your teeth without demolishing them.

Whitening Paste

Often coming in a small syringe. This paste can work wonders. Teeth whitening paste this stuff works, often fast.  Different Types of Whitening paste can be purchased with different amounts of carbamide peroxide (whitening agent). These amounts are different strengths of whitening. While the lower amounts cause less whitening, they are a little easier on your teeth. They have a more subtle whitening rate, which is good for sensitive or heavily damaged teeth. The stronger variations will cause faster more noticeable whitening treatment. While both will give the same results one just takes a few more treatments than the other. Always be sure to listen to your teeth. You don’t want to be toothless.

Whitening paste works by placing the paste on your teeth softly rubbing it in. Then waiting for a given amount of time, should be posted on the package. Then following it up with your regular tooth routine. Which may cause a longer tooth brushing period, but only by a couple minutes.

Charcoal Toothpaste

While there’s a single series of this all on its own they all have similar concepts. This is the most natural and possibly the healthiest method in the market at the time. Using charcoal as a toothpaste and scrubbing it for a period of time can cause pearly white teeth, amongst other wonderful things.

Although as I mentioned before there’s a series of these different  types of whitening toothpaste which can make it hard choosing which is right for you. They have the powder; this is going to be the most potent of all the types. Taking 100% charcoal with no additives will give you the fastest turn around. Although it has no components to kill bad breath or actually work as a toothpaste. Its simple role is to whiten teeth. Another form is to find a toothpaste that has charcoal in it amongst other ingredients that are natural and beneficial. This will give you the perfect mix of everything you’re wishing for. Only problem with this type is that I may not give you rest as fast as the 100% charcoal.

Whitening Strips

This method holds to be one of the oldest in the books. Although, in recent years it’s begun to fade out. While it has great effects, it can have one flaw. The fact that the strips are often made to fit all mouths. When there’s so many different sizes.

Unlike some newer methods whitening strips have had time for trial and error. It’s had time to create a product that works in the masses. While it may not be as potent as other methods; it can often be chosen by those on a budget. As it’s a more affordable option.

Whitening Machines

Different Types of Teeth Whitening: This method is one of the newest. Although, it’s also one of the methods that is backed by modern day dentists. While they may not advise you to use it all the time. They cannot say anything negative about this method. Simply because it’s a smaller version of what they have in their office to do the same procedure.

The problem I’ve come into with these products is they are often coming from overseas. Causing a prominent language barrier.  It’s hard to buy or truly understand a product that isn’t in your native language. Another problem with overseas products is their quality. I don’t know how many times I’ve bought something online that looked and sounded amazing, to be disappointed. While the product is exactly as it looked in the picture it’s often made cheaply.

So do your research when buying this product. Buy from a reputable company.


Medical Procedure

If you have the money or the time you can always go in and get it medically done. This will often happen every few months or so. Which can get costly and time consuming. Your dentist will know how strong of a whitening treatment your teeth can handle. This takes away from the stress of choosing your own.

A medical whitening can be painful or painless depending on the method you choose. While there’s no right or wrong it’s important to understand each method and what they can give or take from the table.

Some medical professionals will give you laughing gas or put you under to perform this treatment. Others will have you stay awake and alert the whole time. Understand your teeth will likely be sensitive and more fragile for a few days after the procedure.


Teeth whitening is growing in global popularity. Along with wishing to be as plastic or as fake as the Kardashians. While there are methods to whiten your teeth, some may be hard. Others may be expensive. While some just don’t provide as significant results as other options. While there are so many options it’s important to do research and not go on impulse. Believe it or not your teeth are actually one of the most important parts of your body. When your mouth is messed up, you’re more likely to get health issues. Simply because how connected our mind and bodies are.

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