Enlarging Areolas, nipples, and Breasts

Being a woman, we are told from a young age that we are given a body that we cannot change. Although that may have been true 200 years ago, there are many ways now to have the body you always dreamed of.

If you are someone who always dreamed of having the perfect areolas and you seemed to get the short end of the stick it is possible to turn that dream into reality.

There are multiple different ways to go about gaining size to your nipples and areolas. With similar outcomes.
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The Common Way

It’s not uncommon for people to know at least 1 person they rank to day to day to have had breast surgery. Although breast implants and reconstruction tend to be expensive and can lead to infection.

While this is the way to reconstruct everything to the way you have always dreamt and imagined it can cost thousands of dollars per boob.

If you don’t wish to grow bra sizes why would you even, consider paying the price just to have bigger areolas and nipples?

A breast implant is one of the most assuring ways to achieve the goal you obtain; this why it’s becoming more and more common.

Can’t you get surgery just for the nipple?

Truth be told there are facilities that do “nipple correction” surgery. Meaning you don’t have to go full breast implant cost and procedure. This surgery will merely about the nipple. Although, as the whole breast surgery they can be on the pricey side.

You may find a facility that seems to be rather cheap and affordable. Although, you often get what you pay for in this type of circumstance. If you go cheap you will often get a surgery that isn’t done to your liking or approval.

The number one problem you will run into is that nipple correction surgery is most commonly a surgery for people who have inverted nipples rather than an urge to have larger nipples and areolas.

Liquid Extract and Supplements

While breast implant surgery can be expensive and nipple correction surgery can be hard to come by. It’s difficult for anyone to just up and make that type of purchase for themselves.

There are other inexpensive ways to reach the goal you are trying to achieve. You can purchase some breast enhancement liquid supplements and creams.

By using the liquid and cream multiple times a day and being persistent your goals will be achieved. It’s important to purchase both the liquid and cream to achieve its full potential.

Breast enlargement liquid supplements and creams deliver a great result without the high dollar budget; while cutting the chances of something infection and risks that come with the surgery.

With a constant use for a brief amount of time this can have a permanent outcome that you love.

Temporary Nipple Enlargement

While Nipple Correction surgery is permanent and can only be changed following another surgery or with age. There are other ways to increase nipple size that aren’t forever.

The number one con and reason all these ways below are turned down and not practiced is due to the fact that none of the below methods increase the size of your areolas. Rather than just focusing on the nipple.

Some women turn to piercing the nipples and constantly upsizing their nipple rings to stretch out the nipple and create size.

Although, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of the procedure this is temporary. Once you take out the nipple ring your nipples will begin healing back to their regular size. Along with risking the sensitivity of your nipple causing you to lose the sex appeal within the nipple.

Another method is to use a nipple clamp. Most commonly produced for a mix up in the bedroom with your significant other. These “toys” are turned to for nipple enlargement due to the excessive stretching of the nipple. A nipple clamp can stretch out a nipple for a period of time at the price of a little “fun” or pain.

Nipple pumps have been used for a temporary nipple enlargement. Nipple pumps are much like the breast pumps most commonly used for women with babies. Using the same mechanism as the pump just without the storage compartment itself.

People have been known to use a nipple pump in order to enlarge nipples. By using the suction from the nipple pump to increase circulation and result in enlarged nipple due to stimulation of the nipple.

This is another one of those products that has a wide variety of forms to be purchased. Some being dirt cheap and others being a little on the pricey side. As I mentioned before you get what you pay for when buying this type of thing. The more expensive one will most likely give you better results.

This can be a painful method that can cause nipple soreness and dryness.

As there are more forms of ways to increase nipple size temporarily the last form, I believe will give results is as simple as self stretching.

This method will give you results. Sometimes being temporary as others permanent.

This method is easily explained as it’s just grabbing the nipple and pulling and fondling. The number one problem found in this method is that although it gives results almost 100% of the time. Some results aren’t good.

People have ended up with droopy or inverted nipples. While you wished for larger nipples it wasn’t in an unattractive way. So be careful when performing this method; as over stretching will provide bad end results.

Nipple and areola enlargement are possible

Just ensure that no matter the method you choose to do your research and measure out the pros and cons before choosing the method you would like to try.