Breast Enlargement Liquid / Natureday’s Express Plan

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  • One Month supply of Fulfillment
  • Try the famous formula with a three week supply
  • $32.00 per bottle


Enhance your breasts naturally. Each growth spurt is about a quarter of an inch..
#1 Recommended Breast Enlargement products. Millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

NatureDay Herbal enlargement Liquid  extract is clinically proven effective . An all-natural herbal concoction that promises larger breasts.

NatureDay took science and formed an all-natural extract that instantly starts transforming your body by enlarging the fat cells in the breasts. Most customers found an increase in breast size in 5 to 10 days.

How To Use

Easily add this to your morning or evening ritual. Take 1 dropper with an 8oz. glass of water.
For even better results pair with other NatureDay products such as the Breast Enlargement pills.

To Enlarge the nipples and areolas:

The liquid drops can be applied to the areolas/ nipple area 1 to 3 times a day.
Apply 2 drops on each breast .


Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

5 reviews for Breast Enlargement Liquid / Natureday’s Express Plan

  1. coffee

    I have used natureday several times over the course of a decade and tried all their products but primarily use the soap as it’s most convenient but I loved their liquid the few times I used it. Many have said if you’ve read the testimonials it doesn’t taste the best. I’d disagree it has a flavor but not bad and it doesn’t linger. It is delightful to know something so simple as a liquid that you can put in water juice etc and make your own cocktail for breast growth. I preferred just simply using the dropper and putting it in my mouth far as I could and just dropping them in that way. Made me feel I was getting the most without any lingering on cheeks etc. the two bottles I used it definitely worked quick. If you are wanting a product natureday is your best bet cause it is the best product.

  2. S

    I am a male – The Liquid fullfilment is good, when i used the 1st bottle my breast popped out a few inches and i was almost wearing a 38b bra, felt good.
    now for the negative – They tell you that this product is all natural but it is not (EPILEPTIC PEOPLE BE AWARE) this product also contains 50%-60% grain alchohol as well.

  3. Blossom in size

    Love the liquid. It is my favorite. It works fast for me. I love the taste. I love applying it on by breasts. It makes my boobs blossom in size.

  4. Natureday Liquid and Cream

    I have been using Natureday Liquid and Cream on a daily basis for about four months now. During the course of the year and a half I used to use it occasionally but it made my breast and nipple growth rather sporadic. I now take a dropperful of the Liquid dissolved in water the very early morning then go back to sleep. When I awake I rub in a small amount of the cream into each breast after washing each breast with a warm washcloth. I do hold the warm washcloth over each breast to open the pores in the skin. Before applying the cream I dry each breast. I also apply cream to to both breasts each night before bed. My results over the last four months are as follows: Bust increase 44″ to 48″, my current band diameter is 44″. Although the difference is 4″ my cup size is really only a B+ as determined by the bra size cup I can fill. I wear a bra daily. I intend to use the B to C suction cups I recently purchased from LA Pump to shape my breasts, make them fuller so they more closely resemble a young woman’s breast and not simply a saggy man’s breast. My goal is to grow a full C to C+ cup. Also, my nipples have greatly increased in size. In fact they are three times the size they were when I started over a year ago and are now very, very sensitive.

  5. breast liquid

    My wife has been on the breast liquid, soap, and cream for only about 10 days but has already noticed some heaviness in both breasts.

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