Growing Breasts with Fenugreek

Growing Breasts with Fenugreek

Growing Breasts with Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a plant with small rectangular leaves. It’s grown worldwide and is known as a rare herb that dates back to 4000 BC. In India, they use the seeds and leaves for cooking. You can also use the dried leaves, seeds, roots, and twigs as a supplement. More research is necessary, but some research shows that growing breasts with Fenugreek might also have various health benefits.

Fenugreek may be able to help reduce the chance of:

● high blood pressure

● heart conditions

● bacterial, fungal, and viral infections

● Inflammation

● cancer

● diabetes

● obesity

● high cholesterol

Other Benefits associated with Fenugreek

In folklore medicine, Fenugreek is used to deal with boils, irritation of the cells and connective tissue, nd tuberculosis. Here are a few extra anecdotal fenugreek seed benefits:

● Reduce menstrual cramps.

● Reduce appetite.

● Reduce fat mass.

● Maintain liver and kidney health.

● Soothe muscle pain.

● Reduce fever.

● Balance cholesterol.

● Soothe upset belly and digestive problems.

More on Fenugreek

Growing Breasts with Fenugreek is rich in Phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are elements located in plant life that have moderate estrogenic properties. The phytoestrogens compete for the identical receptor cells as real estrogen. Asian women have a decreased incidence of breast cancer because their diets are rich in plant life that includes phytoestrogens. Recent research suggests that phytoestrogens have an essential function in lowering breast cancer, heart disease, and the symptoms of menopause.

Phytoestrogens, via their natural balance of female hormones, promote the development of glandular breast tissue. Most females taking herbs containing these phytoestrogens see a sizable increase in the fullness and stability of their breasts.

Does it work for breast enhancement?

Fenugreek is a phytoestrogen herb that is used to assist in enlarging breast size. It stimulates the breast-enlarging hormones estrogen and progesterone. Check out 8 natural ways to enhance your breasts and you’ll find Fenugreek seeds coming in at number five on the list.

But does it work? There isn’t any clinically published data, however, studies show that you can gain a cup size or two with natural breast enhancement.

About Breast Development

Your breasts begin to develop at puberty. Medical research shows that the development of breast tissue depends on the balance of estrogen, progesterone, prostaglandins, and prolactin. An imbalance of these hormones can result in poor breast development or a decrease in size.

Other Options

A few other herbs that are also effective in combination with reactivating breast tissue growth.

  1. Saw Palmetto is another option. It has some of the highest concentrations of Phyto-estrogens suggested by herbalists for breast enlargement. Often referred to as sawtooth palm or windmill palm, Saw Palmetto grows in the southeastern USA from South Carolina to Southern Mississippi and in all of Florida.
  2. Wild Yam is a plant that’s sold in breast enhancement creams. It contains diosgenin which is a chemical that is often used in labs to produce different types of steroids, including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and estrogen.
  3. Fennel seed is a flavorful herb, as well as a beneficial medicine. It aids in digestion and stomach bloating. Fennel seeds are often drunk as a tea.
  4. Red Clover tests have shown that it contains isoflavones. These are plant-based chemicals which produce effects within the body that are similar to those produced by estrogen. These tests have produced promising results showing the possibility of its use in the treatment of conditions commonly associated with menopause, like hot flashes, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis.

How to Use Fenugreek

One of the other top questions’ you guys are asking is, how much do I take for breast enhancing?

Mix ¼ cup of Fenugreek powder with water to make a paste. Apply it and rub down gently, let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse off. Repeat two times a day. You can also add it to your body lotion and use it daily.

Fenugreek for your breasts is one of the oldest medicines used, with roots based in both Indian and Chinese medicine. Growing with Fenugreek extract are ingredients in many common products, including:

  • soap
  • cosmetics
  • tea
  • condiments
  • imitation maple syrup products

We use a variety of herbs, including cumin extract, blessed thistle, fennel, wild yam and Fenugreek in our breast enhancing products.

Brief Summary

Fenugreek is most popular in Maryland and Oregon with the District of Columbia making it to the number three spot. We know that interest hasn’t waned in the past 12 months at least. You can purchase Fenugreek in powder form or as seeds at any vitamin shop. And it’s a low-cost option as well no matter which form you prefer.

Overall, Fenugreek looks like a great option if you happen to be unhappy with your breasts and the way they look. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new regime or taking herbal supplements.

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