growing the penis with herbsGrowing the Penis With Herbs

If you’re a male I’m sure there was a time you thought that you lacked a little something in your downstairs area. Whether it was before or after puberty every male has thought this from time to time.

You may have been told that there’s no way to increase your penis growth and you have to live with what god gave you that’s not the truth. There are ways to increase penis size, although some methods are better and less harmful than others.

Is Penis Growth Possible?

Like I said before it is possible to increase your penis size although some ways can cause health and erectile issues. Some methods increase length by taking from the diameter, and we all know that both matters.

Although, unlike some methods you can increase penis size by taking all-natural herbs that fuel your body the necessary herbs that your body needs to naturally increase the penis size.

Herbs That Increase Penis Size

While there are many herbs in the world you must take the right herbs in order to receive the results you are hoping for. Although, when buying herbs be sure to buy from a reputation company; it’s common for pills and herbs to not have to go through any form of FDA inspection. Meaning there is a chance that what you are taking isn’t what it says it is. Some of the herbs that will help increase penis size are:


Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng will boost the blood flow in the nervous system. With the increased blood flow, it allows more blood than normal to feed into your penis. Allowing it to increase in size. One bonus effect is that with the increased blood flow to the penis you may see an increased sexual experience as well.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is another herb that increases blood flow. The only this about Ginkgo Bilobais that it thins blood so it’s important not to take it if you have certain health issues, including seizures. This pill is often taken for an increase in memory so you may get two in one result.

Maca Powder

This powder when you correctly can not only help with the size of your penis it also helps you maintain an erection longer than usual. Maca Powder works by using components within the powder to absorb into your bloodstream and enlarge your penis by working with your body and its cells.


This supplement may not show you a large amount of growth when relaxed but it works by boosting the penis size in an erectile state. With normal use it may be a little discouraging when you go pee or during circumstances at a relaxed state, but you will be glad about the results when it comes to the bedroom.

Are There Penis Enlargement Supplements That You Can Take?

While there are multiple variations of a penis enlargement supplements most people look toward pills. Although, the problem with pills is that all of the pills will not be absorbed into your body. By investing anything you are giving your body the option to use what you are giving it.

Penis Enlargement pills are often a mix of herbs and vitamins that companies believe to be the perfect antidote for enlargement. Although, they may be spot on for some males your body may not absorb all the necessary nutrients. Along with that they may claim they have this “perfect combination,” yet it can be a scam. Remember me saying before they could put a bunch of fluff into the capsules/pills and we will never know. The FDA doesn’t put any form of restrictions on pills, so it makes it hard to know you have the good stuff. So be sure to do your homework and read reviews.

Other Variations?

Penis Vacuum

Some other variations are the penis vacuums. Although, the thing is this can not only hurt you in the bedroom by bursting blood vessels and causing your penis to lose feeling; but you may lose the ability to get that bad boy up. The penis vacuum also adds length to the penis by taking from the diameter.

Growth Serums

You can use a serum. This serum you rub on your penis 1-2 times a day. Adding very little time to your day. Another big plus about penis serums if that 100% of the mixture absorbs through your skin and straight into your blood. This means that all the nutrients you aren’t getting from the pills are getting in the serums.

Growth Soaps/ Penis Enlargement Liquid

Much like the serum you are allowing your body to absorb all of the nutrients. The only added plus is that the warm water opens your pores, which means that they are even potent. The applications are easy as you use the soap during the shower instead of your other form of body wash. Although, be sure your other soaps don’t interfere with your growth soap. As other soaps can mess with your Ph levels and your hormone levels.

While there are many companies that sells both the serums and the soaps Penis Enlargement is all natural and has great reviews.

Ways to Help Penis EnlargementBoost the Effect of The Herbs

While the herbs can do their magic on their own there are ways to ensure the absolute best results. Some of these are:

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise not only boosts your endurance in the bedroom, but it will shrink your gut and your waist. By doing this you are allowing your blood flow to increase and your penis to get more of the nutrients pumping through it.



Lose Belly Fat

By losing belly fat your penis will seem larger. When you gain excess belly weight your gut will begin to get in the way of the base of your penis. Not only causing it to look smaller but causing it to seem smaller to your partner.

Quit Smoking

When you smoke excessively it reduces your blood flow. By reducing your blood flow, it causes your penis not only to reach its full erection size, but it reduces the feeling in your penis. When you quit smoking your penis will have better blood flow allowing the herbs to reach your penis better and enlarging your penis.

Avoid Viagra and Similar Pills

Viagra and similar pills reduce your libido. When you use Viagra, you are forcing your body to do something it doesn’t want to do naturally. So, when you use it just to keep a boner for a long time you are making it to where your body may no longer be able to keep it up on its own. Resulting in you having to use Viagra forever.


You may have been told you have to accept your penis size and that’s just not true. There are different herbs that will increase penis size when using it correctly. While pills are most common it’s not the most reliable. Serums and soaps allow you to use 100% of the herbs and vitamins infused for penis growth. While, penis vacuums may enlarge your penis length it will cut your penis diameter. Be sure to do your research and only trust reliable companies.

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