Increase Breast Size 


Growing breasts with herbs

Growing breasts

Thousands of women and men wish to increase their breast size. Wishing of having breasts of those in movies or on social media platforms Herbs to Increase Breast Size.  As it’s a dream of so many of us it’s something very few truly understand the actual process of achieving growing breasts with herbs and enlarging them naturally.

Some women turn to expensive surgeries on their breast that not only puts a damper on your wallet. With surgery comes an increased risk of problems such as infections.

Although there are other ways to increase breast size naturally. That not only provides a lasting bust size you can enjoy. It’s a cheaper way to receive the breast you dream. Some ways to increase your breast size is a mixture of herbs, creams, and a healthy diet.

What Do You Mean Herbs?

Herbs are a natural way of healing or producing an outcome to many health, medical, and other reasons. Herbs were once the only medicine that doctors had to heal their patients as science and manmade medicine.

Herbs supply your body with needed nutrients in order to receive the outcome your wish for. Rather than forcing your body to do something it cannot tolerate herbs allow your body to work at a rate it can handle.

Due to scientific research it is proven that certain herbs help women/men produce larger breasts, without surgery. You are feeding your body vitamins and minerals that help produce your body’s maximum breast size that will last. Using the correct mixture of herbs, you may be able to receive breasts you could only dream of.

Saw Palmetto

This herb helps create larger breasts but unlike many other herbs it does something a little different. Many herbs that will be recommended to you by doctors will help increase your body’s estrogen. Instead this herb is used to decrease testosterone. Not by just destroying it as that may not go well with your body. Instead it changes testosterone into DHT.

With a lower testosterone level your body will automatically begin being overruled by estrogen. Therefore, creating larger breasts. This is more commonly used by males in translation. Although it can be just as effective in women.


This herb is today’s most commonly used and beloved pill for breast enlargement. Fenugreek is commonly consumed in their seed form to reach the goal you are going for.

Although they may be most commonly consumed in seed form research says this may not be the best form to consume in. The research project concluded that the diosgenin (estrogen rich herb) is the highest just after they sprout. If consumed in this for you are allowing the herb to provide its full potential.

Black Cohosh

This pill is vastly turned to by those who can’t eat estrogen. Black Cohosh is made up of components that mimic those of estrogen although with no trace of actual estrogen.

Black Cohosh was actually used as a pill that helps with PMS, menopause, and menstrual cramps.

Due to it acting as estrogen it will cause breast enlargement with continual use. Some women can’t have any form of estrogen pill as it makes them sick; for those women they are commonly supplied with Black Cohosh as they act the same in your body.

Wild Yam

Some people turn to wild yam to enlarge their breasts. This is because Wild Yam has a very large amount of estrogen. As many of you know estrogen is one of the main factors that play into growing your breasts.

Estrogen is the key to enlarge breasts. As it is the key difference between male and female bodies. Female bodies produce a larger amount of estrogen; causing them to have a bigger bust. Many men have hormone fluctuations to where they produce too much estrogen from time to time which causes what we all know as “man boobs.”

Combination Pills

You may purchase pills that have a mixture of herbs that have been proven to work hand in hand to grow breasts. These pills often are cheaper than producing each herb on its own. Along with they often have extra nutrients that boost breast size you may not be able to purchase easily.

Although it’s important to do plenty of research on the companies pills before up and buying a pill. As some pills are not fully truthful when they come to their ingredients and outcome. So, do plenty of research on both the ingredients and the testimonials before purchasing.

Myth Behind the Chaste Tree Berry

The Chaste Tree Berry was commonly mistaken as a magic libido pill for women in the 1900’s. This is the explanation behind the name. These herbs closely resembled a peppercorn you and I grind up and put on our meal day to day.

Although opposing the myth these berries are actually a pill that lowers estrogen and releases a high amount of progesterone. Which has no help in increasing Breast enlargement.

The Chaste Tree Berry may not be the pill for you to enlarge breasts; but it’s a secret weapon to milk supply. Nursing mothers who know about this pill will never worry about having enough milk. Also helps with PMS patients. 


While there are many more herbs that may be beneficial to breast enlargement. These are more common herbs you may be able to get your hands on. Other herbs are grown outside of the U.S. and very hard to get their hands on.

While some herbs are beneficial; others are given a name for being “beneficial” that aren’t. Some herbs were used in the old age where there was no research just beliefs. These beliefs were later proven to be a myth. So, it’s important to do plenty of research before relying on specific herbs to work.

Many combination pills are available that were engineered specifically to enlarge breast size. These pills are often a combination of very great and heavily researched herbs. Using a combination of pills that work hand in hand can often work in making things speed up.

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