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How To Make Your Nipples Grow

How to make your nipples grow fasterHi Tina, I do want you to post my nipples.  Make me a gallery full of pics.

I love making my nipples grow grow.

This was at the Walgreens pharmacy drive through. The lady constantly stared at my big hard nipples. I just looked the other way , a bunch of times and looking down at my phone while she stared at me , she had a big smile on her face 🙂

I want you to post a bunch of big nipple pictures , some with the cylinders on them , some when they are o ringed, and then some when I cut the o rings off and my nipples are protruding profoundly. 

Male big nipples

My nipples are growing so big!

Growing big nipples

I’ve been working hard to get my hard nipples to get big for you so you can post them.

      Bigger nipples

Tina , Do you like my pics I send you of my big long hard nipples???

Vacuum Enlargement Nipple Sucker

A guy emailed me from my testimonial from your site . I showed him my nipple pics and videos. I told him that you can get him nipple sucker cylinders so he might contact the website.

Nipple Vacuum

Nipple sucker

He wants to buy a vacuum pump/ nipple cylinder.
So let me know if he contacted you:))

Nipple Enlargement

Do you like how long my nipples get ?
I’ve been pumping my nipples every evening and I’ve found a way to stretch them longer.
With the vacuum pump running, I set 2 big heavy hammers on the vacuum lines and just let the weight pull on the cylinders and I can feel them stretching out.  They are getting bigger and that’s what I need. 

Growing big nipples

I leave them on there for at least an hour just sitting there getting sucked on. My God Tina , it feels so great!!! Look at my big nipples Tina .Do you like them ?

Electric vacuum pump

vacuum nipples pump
I’m a kinky guy. Im into all kinds of stuff. I pump my nipples daily. You can see me on kik interactive messenger app or  username is (giantcockf–k) spelled correctly.
Anyhow, I use a strong electric vacuum pump for house air conditioning for my nipples. I have nipple cylinders, different sizes and I slide o rings over the cylinders and when my nipples are sucked all the way in the cylinders I slide the o rings over the base of my nipples. Sometimes 4 or 5 .  After a few hours my nipples are so big swollen and hard. I have to get my cutting pliers and cut them off. I use Natureday drops for my nipples, I rub them all the time when I’m pumping. I use the penis liquid drops and rub all over my cock and balls . I get really aroused when I pump my nipples, usually my sessions are for at least 30 mins to an hour, sometimes longer. I love getting my nipples sucked on. I enjoy showing if anyone would like to see and please feel free to message me if you would like:) Kik interactive Username (giantcockf–k) (spelled correctly ) I have videos of my nipple pumping.

Electric vacuum pump