How to Make Your Body Feminine

Sure, you can grow your hair long, apply makeup in emphatic and flattering ways, wear female clothing and walk with feminine attitude…but you want to truly make your body feminine. And in a very general sense, it’s hard to develop the two traits that really define a woman – the curvature of hips and breasts.

Either you have appealing curvaceousness, or, you don’t. Well, we all have curves, but you understand what we’re talking about here. It’s very hard for a biological male, or perhaps a flat-chested super-athletic biological female to naturally get “child bearing” hips or a pair of supple, perky breasts.

At NatureDay we believe in the earth-fueled organic approach. Natureday Breast Augmentation Products

So, in this article let’s look at some simple and healthy ways you can build a powerful, alive, and organic feminine appeal.


3 Tips to Improve Those Hips

Everyone’s different, but there are safe steps anyone can take to accentuate their hips and make them look much curvier.

Physical Conditioning

Go nuts with your lower body exercises. The more the merrier, combined with a healthy and balanced diet providing enough protein, fat, and carbs to not only build the muscle where you want it but to trim down the fat and further accentuate your hard work.

  • Squats: These are for your thighs and overall hip complex and there are countless ways to squat, with and without added weight.
  • Lunges: These are considered among the biggest glute (bum) builders. You can do them stationary, walking, uphill, hopping, sideways, and so forth. The most powerful for the hips are side lunges with added weight.
  • Deadlifts: Like Squats these are overall leg and butt-builders. There’s a large variety of deadlifts, and you can do them with dumbbells, straight-legged with barbells, etc.

It’s simple in theory. Through good nutrition and body building exercises like those above, you create more curves by focusing on the lower body and flattening the tummy as much as needed while still having enough soft tissue to fill out a nice pair of jeans. If you’re interested, Truly Booty put together a simple Booty Lifting Guide that can help get you started.

Harmless Padding

It’s shocking how many people fail to realize there are hip-enhancing briefs, or underwear, with harmless foam pads that can add inches to your hips. Are they a long-term solution, or as good as having actual curvy feminine hips? No. But, useful nonetheless and relatively inexpensive.

There are also silicone-based hip pads you can buy, but these often need an adhesive of some kind or tights/pantyhose/yoga pants to hold them in place.


Fashion is a tremendous ally in the battle to project curves. Here’s three basic tips:

  1. Belts, sashes, cinches, anything to clasp the waist and provide a distinct visual focal point in the hips that separates the upper and lower body.
  2. Use colors, styling, patterns and accessories to put more emphasis on and define your waistline.
  3. If you don’t mind the fluffier look of ruffles, or layering, you can easily add a little width.

And let’s not forgot these great color tips from the 2013 LifeScript article, “Big Hips Are Hip: Dressing With Style”:

“Light or metallic colors highlight the area they are covering, while darker colors such as grays, wine colors and chocolate browns have a way of camouflaging areas.”


Discover Natural Breast Augmentation Products

Would it shock you to discover Nature Day is sporting thousands upon thousands of testimonials (text, voice, images) from biological males and females who’ve increased breast size through herb-based soaps, creams, and supplements?

Sure, there are limits to what these natural methods can achieve vs. breast augmentation surgeries, but truth be told breasts of ALL sizes are considered feminine. It doesn’t really matter their size.

Take for example the use of Fenugreek seeds, which as mentioned in the 2016 WomenFitness article, “Breast-Enlargement Herbs: Natural Way To Breast Enhancement”:

“Fennel seeds contain natural hormones that are going to help develop and engorge breast tissue with liquids safely and healthily. These natural hormones are going to mimic the female hormones, without their dangerous side effects. Fennel seeds have got estrogenic effects on the breasts.”


Stimulation. Through a blend of mastogenic herbs/extracts like blessed thistle and wild yam with estrogenic compounds, we stimulate growth hormones, better blood circulation in the breast area, and breast tissue itself. If you’re interested, most people start with our 4oz Enlargement Cream.

Step back a second and think of all the healthy and productive ways you can make your body more feminine. It’s amazing!

More information on natural herbs to enlarge the breasts: Natureday Breast Augmentation Products