Male Boobs/ I would recommend Natureday products to any man, or any woman

before-male-boobs(08-21) Dear Amy, I wish to thank you for your product and most of all thank you for your responses to my questions. I started taking the liquid, capsules and using the cream and soap in late January. I have used everything I had ordered (an eight month supply plus an additional 6 month supply of liquid plus 4 extra jars of cream) except for about a quarter of a jar of cream which I will definitely use after my showers. After some experimentation, I found taking a dropper of the liquid subliminally (I would hold the liquid under my tongue for at least 5 minutes for it to be absorbed) and 2 capsules in the morning immediately after I got up then again right before I went to bed worked the best. This schedule gave me the most noticeable growth and that beloved tingle in my breasts telling me they were growing. At the beginning the growth was very slow, but steady. I have achieved a consistent growth of approximately 2 inches across my nipples. To my amazement, I have discovered through journaling about my process, I have a cycle or have developed a cycle in this process. The interesting thing is that a day or two before new moon and again at full moon my breasts will swell an additional inch or so and remain that size for approximately 5 days. After the 5 days, the swelling subsides and they return to their now normal size. As I am still growing a bit, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide my breasts particularly at the peaks of my cycle even thought I wear a tight sports bra. READ MORE

after-male-boobsPresently, I am right at the cusp of an A/B cup depending on brand of the bra. I measure approximately 36.5 inches under my breasts and now just about 42 inches over the nipples, except at the peaks of my cycle when I am larger. Also I now have cleavage. At the peaks of my cycle, I will spill over a B cup a bit. A lot of my growth is under my arms and above the nipples. Nevertheless, I love how my breasts feel on my chest and how the tight they feel under my shirts. The satisfaction and pleasure that I now receive while looking at my chest when I am wearing a bra is far beyond what I had dreamed of or hoped I would experience. It is difficult to express how my breasts make me feel about myself. I am a heterosexual male who enjoys cross dressing. The best description of my current feeling I have been able to come up with is to say “I now feel more complete and more whole than I have in my entire life.” I have never felt as blessed as I do now with my breasts. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these products and for your support.

I am enclosing a before and after photo that you may post if you wish. As you can see from the “Before” photo I had a little growth at the beginning which came after taking other products for months and months. I have always had some boy boobs not they are male man boobs , so the growth depicted in the “Before” photo does not solely come from the other products. You may use any part or the entirety of this letter as a testimonial if you wish, except I request you not publish any identifying information about me or my email address. You can use “A Grateful Male” as a byline if you desire.

I would recommend Natureday products to any man, or any woman for that matter, who seriously desires to grow feminine looking boobs. I have to agree with so many of your customers who state, “If you really do not want feminine breasts, do not buy or take these products!”

My intuition is telling me to take a few months off and enjoy the size that I am now. I will do that. If I find I still desire a larger bust after a few months, I certainly will reorder Natureday products.

As an aside, I know you must receive tons of emails on a daily basis. But I would urge you to include more of your responses to the questions others ask in their postings. I find I have many of the same questions others ask and I am very curious about how you answer those questions. I sense that others out there feel the same way I do about wanting to know your answers. I do monitor your website daily just to see what others are experiencing and the advice you offer.

Thank you again Amy. May the Universe bless you and your’s, I love my male boobs!