Male Breast Augmentation

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Hi, welcome to NatureDay! In this article we’ll walk through a general overview of Male to Female (MTF) breast augmentation. For those considering or already in the process of gender transition, the information on the costs involved, as well as the risks, should be helpful.

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Note: While this article isn’t meant to be biased, we aren’t fans of MTF breast augmentation surgery. Instead, we’re proponents of the more affordable and less risky herbal-based approach.

Frankly, because with everything involved in feminizing the biologically male body, from the many facial feminization surgeries to body surgeries, we believe in minimizing how traumatic and risky the transition is! NatureDay, and thousands of our customers, believe male breast augmentation can be reached to a degree without surgery. See Our Testimonials– text, voice & photos.

The Cost of Male Breast Implants

Fire and foremost, remember to take the time and really do your best to understand the psychological and emotional costs. The operation itself will take about one to two hours, but most who’ve gone through it will beg you to be “mentally ready” before laying down on the operating table.

Now, here’s the financial costs. To be honest, they vary considerably depending on how complex your operation is, the surgeon you choose, the location where it takes place, and which anesthetic is used.

  • Insurance: Usually considered an elective surgery, so not typically covered by insurance.
  • Surgeon Fee: In the S., the average surgeon’s fee is anywhere from $3500-$5000.
  • Saline Implants: These run $3,584 on average.
  • Silicone Gel Implants: These will cost a little more, on average $3,990.

Those are the basics. You can dig a bit deeper into the research by visiting the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics.

So today, in the U.S. just the implants and the male breast augmentation surgery will likely set you back $8-$10,000. That’s just to the point where you’re sent home with your chest wrapped up, sore, and a bit disorientated perhaps from the anesthesia.

How about the surgery itself and potential complications?

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Male Breast Surgery & Complications

Are you a good candidate for MTF breast augmentation surgery? According to the Gender Confirmation Center in California, here five determining factors to keep in mind:

  • You’re at least 18 years of age, so an adult.
  • You’re physically & emotionally healthy.
  • You’ve completed at least 3 months of mental health counselling.
  • You have a letter of recommendation from a licensed health professional.
  • You’re fully committed to breast augmentation surgery.

If you have diabetes, are morbidly obese, are a heavy smoker or drinker, have high blood pressure, any kind of bleeding disorder, or you’re dealing with a lung or heart disease, you likely won’t be considered a good candidate.

They’re great guidelines, especially all the emotional and psychological preparation. Sure, the surgery isn’t the scariest thing in the world, but it takes time to process all the risks and potential complications. We’ve looked at the costs of the surgery, but how about the associated post-op costs?

Potential Complications

This list covers the most common complications, but they’re just words. You’re encouraged to look at actual results, study images online, watch testimonial videos, and so forth to get a real idea.

  • Your implant could become displaced or shift a bit.
  • You may see asymmetry between your breasts and feel unbalanced.
  • There could be complications with the chosen anesthesia.
  • Your chest, or a part could become infected.
  • Hematoma – a break in a blood vessel, causing a localized blood-filled area that may clot.
  • Seroma – collection of fluid under the skin.
  • You could experience numbness of the inner, upper arm.
  • There could be unfavorable or unsightly scarring.

Each of those has an associated cost, whether we’re talking antibiotics, follow-up or revisory surgical procedures, new implants, or even cosmetic dissatisfaction. And even if money isn’t an issue and you’re filthy rich, what if the reality of male breast implants isn’t what you expected?

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Again, the information above is only meant to be basic. If you’re seriously considering male breast augmentation, we trust you’ll keep digging much deeper, see a health professional, and be responsible. Do consider non-surgical options as well. The MTF transition, or feminization of the biological male body, was around long before modern surgeries and implants existed.

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