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01/30/2018     Both nipples seem to be just a little larger
I am thrilled with the growth, albeit a little slow. I have been using the products for 2 years now and maybe it is a little slow because of my age (late 60’s) and because I still drink a little coffee (not excessive). I ran out of the cream and drops 2 months ago and have just been using the fantastic soap and coconut butter since then. Do you have any suggestions for me to try and get a more pointy profile. My breasts are now large enough to be noticed under a tight fitting top and they have some bounce when I exercise. Both nipples seem to be just a little larger but it may be my hope or imagination, however they are becoming increasingly more sensitive. I have submitted 2 testimonials in 2016 and will do so again after the new shipment arrives and I have a chance to give them a boost. I really hope to have more success this year with an ok photo. I am hoping for a special on the drops sometime as they seem to be very effective especially when rubbed on my breasts as I am using the enlargement cream. Thanks again and sorry for the long email, especially when you are probably extra busy. Kind Regards

01/16/2018     past the point of a male chest and maybe still in man boobs stage
As the soap I have winds down to its last few showers left of use. I thought is send in some pics. They are definitely filling up a lot more in tissue and becoming more shapely and projected. I am beginning to think I’m past the point of a male chest and maybe still in man boobs stage but nonetheless I feel they are rounding out and becoming more apparent especially when leaning over or sitting down. Standing up I feel I still can pass things off but they definitely have a swollen look to them now. When I flex my chest there is a solid amount of tissue where it no longer is muscle and breast tissue has taken over essentially. I’m excited and getting nervous as I wonder how much larger I can get before it’s without question. For women I’m sure these don’t even constitute as breasts but for a man…It’s getting a bit legit. I plan on doing another video. My other one somehow got flagged idk how or why but it was removed so I will certainly make a new one to post.

01/01/2018     I have great cleavage with a bra on, and nice movement all the time. 
Hi, Tina. I wanted to send you a few more pictures but couldn’t find the testimonial link on your site. Anyway, here are some recent pics. I love the continued growth, even though I’m currently only using the soap. I have great cleavage with a bra on, and nice movement all the time. I hope you will put all the photos up, as I love sharing my development. A very happy, longtime customer

12/20/2017     New Bar Of Natureday Soap and am excited to see
Just got the new bar of Natureday soap and am excited to see what this does for me next. Can’t wait till they are big enough to not be able to hide and to be able to be obvious. Also unsure if you guys got my video link but figured I’d attach it again.

12/19/2017     These products really work! 
3 1/2 months of using the capsules and cream and I used the liquid the first month. I have increased a full cup size! Thank you Natureday for the great products. Feel free to use the pics if you want online. Hoping for more growth over the next several months! Thank you for your great products. I have used the cream, capsules and liquid for 4 months now . 36 C now and loving it! Going to continue using all 3 for the next two months as I continue to lose weight. These products really work!