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Male Breast Enlargement Soap

Male Breast Enlargement Soap

Male Breast Enlargement Soap

Hey how’s it been going over there. I am finally nearing the end of the bar of enlargement soap from the prior order. Took some time here and there to take a break as it seemed things were progressing quickly and took time to adjust to what changes were felt and seen. 

While I can go braless

While I can go braless it is preferred not to at this point. I’m by far not the bustiest person to use the products but it has gotten to a point where without a bra I can physically feel the ache and pains of the tugging of the tissue growth and gravity.

I feel I’m also nearing the threshold of not being able to be seen as a male chest or man boobs as things take shape and fill in more they are in my opinion finally exiting the man boob stage and looking like breasts. I have attached a couple pictures from today. My bra is secret treasures brand 34B 

Growth seems to be much quicker than times before.

I’ve been taking it a little slower than usual as growth seems to be much quicker than times before. But wanted to update as i approach the end of the male breast enlargement soap bar you gave me with my order last time. Excited as the tissue growth experienced with this is as much as it’s feeling like now days I can imagine how much they will grow on the bar I ordered once I start that one.


My cleavage when on my side is much more pronounced, my shirts are definitely showing some solid projection and honestly most days without a bra my chest is quite dull aching and the jiggling I have now is kind of annoying. Kind of painted myself in a corner here in feeling I’m needing a bra more than can wear one. 

Thanks for such a remarkable product I hope these pics serve well. If a bar of soap is needed to showcase this is thanks to natureday I can re take the pictures later just let me know. Thanks. The bra is a 34B no space in the cups 🙂 


Thank you 🙂 I feel they are finally actually starting to look like boobs and not just manboobs. It’s crazy. I’ve taken a break to adjust to the recent growth cause it’s becoming a bit more apparent then I expected. Still have a little bit left of the bar of soap ordered previously. I had an email awhile ago about some offer or savings and told myself no this is it no need to stock up but when I used the soap last week before taking a break I was just sad that it’s almost gone.

lol it’s crazy how having the ability to grow manboobs has really brought me so much joy satisfaction and peace with what I’m seeing. Not trans or cross dresser or any feminine persona whatsoever just always wanted breasts. It’s not a kink or perversion just who I am as a person I guess. But anyways thanks again for the comment and wonderful product. Feel free to post my email to anything that is felt worthy to be shared, always nice to talk to others. 

Breast Enlargement Soap