3971313Male breast pictures and testimonials from Franny

 (10-11) Thanks sweety….yes and very hard to hide at work but, it is like I said…it takes years to grow them just like yours did and my GG’s (genuine girl). Now if you could just market a product to make us look as pretty as you!! 🙂

(09-30) Just started back on nature day. Been taking it for over 3 years now. Here is my pierced nipple again and as you can see it is quite huge. You new gyrls know it takes a long time to grow breasts just like genuine girls so have patience. Amy please post this in my Franny spot on the front page in male testimonials and also in the first page so all can see it. 

(06-10) Well I did want it put in my “Franny” page not have my own page. My Franny page was my old email So please put everything in that page please and do not list my email cause I was getting too many. Thanks and have a super orgasmic week.

(06-08) Hi Amy…have not posted in awhile. I do enjoy your products cause of course it works. I am going to order lots more and would like to submit new photos. Of course now that I have found a partner that really enjoys my boobs…you may post it to which ever page you want including the Franny page on the left with the others, or a new one. Franny and my partner Gurl Gurl

(07-18) I posted a long time ago but asked Amy to take my posts down so now I would like to repost them. This is what using Nature day for 2 years has done for me. Looks awesome huh? And yes they are real. My nipples are hard. They are so sensitive and my new girl friend loves to play with them. Thanks Franny 


(02-16) Here is a picture of one of my boobs pierced. Yes I did both and it only hurt like hell AFTER I did it. I am going to surprise my wife when I get a break for a holiday…well maybe Thanksgiving. This might give her a reason to touch my boobs. We’ll see Please post it for others….thanks Amy….your man has got to feel special to have such a nice understanding and very cute woman. Franny

picture-36(02-10) Sweet Amy, I have been taking your product on and off for 2 years now. If you look in your archives you can see one of my older pictures. Yes this product does work. But how do I get my wife to play with my boobs? LOL She thinks that’s being a lesbo. I told her no just some extra stuff to play with. Some times she does touch them. It’s so hard to hide them at work. Yes you can publish my email. It’s not the same as when I ordered. Franny. Here is my yummy pic. Enjoy! And by the way….those breast really are of me in case anybody want me to prove it I can send other pics of me to them. I do not have a problem with them asking cause I know they are going too.

(02-12) I used this email cause it is the one that I ordered your product all the time. I have a small problem. Yes can probably take my email off of your last picture posting of me but then there is future problems. Some idiots (will not cuss to you) think that my picture is a fake and that of a real woman. You as a female should know by looking at the nipples…that I am indeed a man. And you probably can tell if it is a fake picture. That’s me but I do not want to show my face or show that I indeed have a male member….er hum. Guys like me have a hard time hiding what we have. Some of us and our women like what we have and most of all we have to work and it would be embarrassing if our co-workers saw us here with a face picture. Yes you can post this but, most of all let these idiots….er hum know that we are not faking our boobs. Maybe they are just jealous. Thanks sweety. Franny 

1768431(09-26) New testimonial: I am on my 3rd batch now. My boobs are getting a little bigger and more rounder. Looks like a girls boob. Nipples are very sensitive. The hair has just about stopped growing on my chest. Must be the medications. But this stuff really works. I fit into my 40 C bra so good and wify hates them. She has bigger boobs but mine stand firmer. I don’t think it’s the idea of me having breasts that makes her mad. I think it’s the idea that mine look better. Amy thanks so much for letting us guys have this. You are a hottie! When I finish my 3rd batch, I will resend new pics. Franny