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If you would like to share your male breast stories then please do.

Are you interested in growing male breasts? If you are and your wife, girl friend, or significant other does not know about it then here are some stories from other males on what  happen to them.

  • Hello and thank you for your speedy delivery. I received my order on 6/21/15 and started using it the same day. I’m taking three full droppers a day.

    I have taken a before photo and will take an after photo when I run out of fulfillment .

  • I’m hoping to get the free three month supply. So far I have noticed some fullness and my nipples are sensitive. I’m hoping to get large nipples and a c-cup.
    Can anybody tell me a way to get larger nipples. I would also like to know if there is anybody out there that would like to E-mail me pics of there progress. Please don’t use my name only E-mail thank you.
  • Anyway, my question is this. As a female, you would not be interested in a male with boobs would you? I met this lady in South Africa on line and she is dead drop gorgeous and we hit it of well on line.

    I have small boobs now, and i love them, but also realize this could be a negative thing if i ever meet her, what do you think as a dead drop gorgeous woman yourself??

  • You ask what whether I was male or female, I am a male, who has been cross dressing for more than 30 yrs,

    without my wife knowledge! Just recently, I have informed her of my wanting to be female, and she just shook it off and yet knowingly buys me panties to wear,and yet tells me that she will leave me if I start to wear women’s clothes!

    So I am taking matters into my own hands and started growing my breast

    and so far no response from her except grabbing my breast at night. I hope this  not too much info. for you. Hope to be talking to you later…J

  • He is a c/d, I love it when he dresses & we get to go out shopping as just us girls.The choice for him to try to get larger breasts was a joint decision. We have also found out that when I play with them,he gets so turned on.
  • “WOW a lot has happened since I last posted. I’d like to start with the fact that although it may take me some time, I will answer any questions that any male may have by my e-mail address,

    It’s been about 2 months since I stopped taking your product, and the growth that I gained has not reversed. I gues the BIG news is that I told my girlfriend!

  • We’ve been dating for several years, and I couldn’t lie to her any more. I told her about natureday, the product, my experiences,

    Even my personal stash of bras and etc… she was very understanding, and although she doesn’t necessarily LOVE what I’m doing, she agreed that if it makes me happy then she’s OK with it. I’m pondering the idea of doing one more round with the product.

  • Below is a picture I took for you today; forgive the hair, but I agreed that I wouldn’t shave my chest 🙂 It features me in my (and her) favorite bra, a half-cup.

    Also shows a little cleavage that I didn’t have in my last pictures I sent you. Believe it or not, I think I have outgrown my “b” cups… which is very exciting! As an after-thought, I’m toying with the idea of induced lactation- any thoughts?

  • You will be pleased to hear that after almost 6 months of umming and aahing, I have decided to take the plunge!

    I have ordered 2 months supply of your pills and liquid dropsnow I just can´t wait to get started. I am hoping initially to slightly enlarge my nipple size and make them much more sensitive. In addition I am looking forward to feeling how it feels to have a sensitive chest like a woman.?

  • My girlfriend initially realised that I had a gender id problem and has taught me to accept that I am indeed a woman, unfortunately born into a man´s body.

    We both accept that it would be the wrong thing to go for a sex change op but there is no reason why I should not enjoy my femininity to the maximum and this includes being able to feel and experience the same as a woman does when she is caressed on her breasts and nipples.

  • My gf will certainly indulge me there as she encourages my femininity.

    I haven´t told her yet that I have ordered but I know it will be ok as she understands what I am going through. Although I in no way look like a woman she thinks of me as one and wants me to explore and develop my feminine side.

  • She realizes she is losing a dominant male lover

    but gaining so much else in return as we can share so much more both in and out of bed. She appreciates my loving, tender, soft side and it compensates her for what she is missing from a ´normal´ man. Sorry to go on so much. I am so excited! I will keep you informed and send you the usual before and after photos Love Pete x