Breasts are firmer and a little more bouncy.
My areolas are puffier, pinker male enlarged areola nipples

Date: 04-29-16 
Sure, you can use this as a testimonial: I’ve been back on the Fulfillment liquid for about two weeks after a long span of time where I was exclusively using the creme. I was satisfied with the results from the creme but after being back on the liquid as well, my breasts are firmer and a little more bouncy and my male enlarged areola are puffier and pinker . They have really grown!  since it’s only been a couple weeks but I’m feeling and seeing changes already. Also, a tip for those of you who find the taste of the liquid a little hard to swallow, I have found that mixing some of the liquid in with a glass of ginger ale or chewing a piece of ginger makes a more palatable flavor.

Date: 04-14-16 
Hello! I’ve been on your product on-and-off for the last two years and my ultimate goal is to have large nipples, male enlarged areolas and possibly even lactate. Recently, I’ve applied your product to my nipples daily and my nipples are certainly larger, more sensitive, and I think i even see milk ducts developing. When I massage them, I can feel the breast tissue: It’s not just fat! For a while I didn’t notice my breasts growing, but lately when I’m brushing my teeth or washing my face, my breasts dangle and my nipples will touch the counter top and surprise me! When I’m reading a book, they rest on my wrists! I’ve even taken to wearing a sleeping bra at night and I enjoy it quite a bit. I’ve enclosed a photo of my results so far, please feel free to use it. Do not show my email address, please. 

Date: 09-30-06
Hello Amy, I originally took your products in late 2007 and got some good results, but then stopped taking them until late this spring. Between those times I had lost some weight and, unfortunately, most of my bust line but thanks to your last shipment of cream, soap, and liquid I’m back to being a B-cup! I hope to order more and push my way to to a D or even higher, bigger nipples and areolas! (please do not share my email!)

Date: 02-27-06
Hey! I purchased the products in September, just out of curiosity, and I’ve had nothing but good results! I ordered the liquid, the cream, and the soap. I took most of the liquid in the first month and then rationed it to apply directly to my nipples for a while and after November I had to ration the soap and cream so I only applied those to my enlarged male nipples too. I’ve always had “man boobs” from being overweight, so I’ve gotten a little bit of growth, not much but it’s noticeable. Mostly the growth has been in the nipples! The picture was taken just tonight! Love the results! I’ve been out completely for a couple weeks so I’m saving up to buy more, MUCH more!
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