Male to Female Breast: The Herbal Option

male to female

male to female

The male to female breast issue isn’t one often spoken about around the dinner table or at work, but for those individuals dealing with the decisions involved it can become life-consuming. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the basic reasons NatureDay is all about the herbal option.

Truth is, regardless of the method these individuals choose their results will be unique to them as we know they vary greatly from person to person. At least if we’re talking about the more modern hormone replacement therapy approach.

Here’s a general summarization trans women are told early on in this respect:

“You can expect to be relatively smaller than your closest female relatives.”

Then of course there’s the ribcage issue and how it influences appearance along with the shoulder line…

The Breast Augmentation Dilemma

With so many risks, this is a hard route to face. Many biological males and females do and it only takes about an hour of research to see how horribly things can go wrong.

Let’s not even discuss the potential costs, sheesh!

Instead, here are some core truths that most people/experts can agree on pertaining to the male to female breast development process:

  • Results happen over time, often in little spurts of growth.
  • Results typically don’t happen evenly to both breasts simultaneously.

It really comes down to the specific breastform, or size of breasts desired. Once you reach a certain size surgery and implants become the only option. Then the risk of deformed looking breasts increases, especially if the male to female breasts haven’t grown a bit beforehand.

This is why a sizeable percentage of our customers are individuals interested in pre-breast augmentation growth.  The fact that with herbal breast enlargement options the cost is far smaller, the risks are close to zero, and it’s much safer if there are no allergies present to the herbs in question is just icing on the cake.


What Do Herbs Do?

In a very simplistic sense, the herbs cause the body to create/release certain hormones that stimulate both breast tissue enlargement and more balanced circulation. Depending on the strength, or potency, initial results can begin to show within a matter of weeks.

No surgery or recovery required. Aside from strong medications, we advise our customers examine their protein intake and consider perfectly safe supplements like flax seed oil, multivitamins, and cocoa butter massages.


If you’re tackling male to female breast issues, get some help from mother nature. Consider Herbal Breast Enlargement Products to not only prep breasts before any augemntations, but if you aren’t after large-size cups, supplement herbal remedies for breast augmentation altogether.