Positive changes in male breasts Enhancer herbs.

(02-14-11)Hello Natureday. I continued with the products I received the other day. I am taking 2 droppers of liquid in the morning and apply 4 drops of liquid male enhancer on each breast and massage this in. Then I take 2 drops and massage it in my nipples to make them grow also. I do that 3 times a day. I also do breast massaging where I use both hands and in circular motion I massage each breasts for 5 minutes. There are very positive changes in my breasts Thanks Natureday, Your products are AWESOME Tiffany.

(02-08-11) Hello Amy and Natureday staff. Thank you so very much for your prompt delivery of the next order, I love how my body reacts to male breast enhancer herbs.
To update where I left of last time, it’s been a while!! I am massaging my breasts daily with both hands using circular motions while standing in front of the mirror. This massaging is helping me a lot as it is firming my breasts and they are now very perky and protruding out. With my order I just received, and the daily massaging, I hope to gain another inch overall, which I believe is possible. The enclosed photos were taken yesterday and show clearly the shape of my beautiful breasts. Thank you Amy for all the encouragements you have given me and the assurance that your products work, because they do !!!!!!!!!!!

(09-08-10) Hi Amy, Just an update on my breasts: I have been applying a few drops on my nipples enhancer each day and gently massaged it in. My nipples are now harder and hopefully grow a bit also. The overall size of my pear shaped breasts is also increasing slightly.

(07-08-10) Hello Natureday. I took your advice and applying a few drops on each of my breasts and another drop on my nipples and my nipples are changing. They are getting firmer and also my breasts are definitely getting firmer. I can feel the skin around my breasts getting tighter as my male breasts grow. Thank you Natureday for your advice. Tiffany. St.James

(06-27-10) Hello Amy and Natureday, Just wanted to say “Hello”, and also to say that my breasts are growing. I am enjoying the feeling of having my own breasts in my hands and playing with them. It feels soo feminine now that I have my own. What can I do to have bigger nipples? I want them to be bigger and more protruding through my shirt, like women have, showing them through their blouse? Anyway I know that your products work and I only wish that there is a product that can transform my whole body into a female one, because that would be another fulfilment. With love, Tiffany. St James. If you apply the liquid drops and cream more often to the nipples and areaols that will help speed the growth, Natureday staff- Amy:)

(06-13-10) Hi Amy, Just wanted to say how happy I am reconnected again with Natureday. I am looking forward receiving my first order and sending you updates. Also looking forward seeing my breasts grow more and become fuller. take care, Love, Tiffany. xo

(04-11-18) Hello Amy, Thank you for the new delivery. I am exited to continue from being absent for some time. My boobs feel great and I love the soft feeling of them enhancing . Thank you for your products once again and look forward sending you my progress reports soon. Love, Tiffany St. James

(04-12-08) As you know i ordered more liquid and hopefully it will be in my Po Box today for me to pick up. My boobs are still growing and i want to continue with the liquid to have bigger ones. At the moment i can wear a size 16 d bra comfortably.

(04-07-18) Hello Amy, I am enclosing some photos of my boobies taken today Sunday 6 April 2007. I trust you can include them into my profile on your website. My progress is slow but going ok as you can see. Some people have asked me if i had any recent photos of my results, well here they are. With love, Tiffany

(03-25-18) measured my chest last night, gained another 1/2 inch in circumference

(03-09-18) Hi Amy, Measured my boobs today (9 march 2008) and I have had 1/2 inch increase in size. MY nipples are protruding out more and my breasts feel and look fuller. Also the area around my nipples is getting very sensitive again. Yesterday at work, i noticed that my boobs are showing through my shirt and its getting more and more noticeable. I also have to pick up a maids costume from my PO box on Monday which i was ordered to order by my girlfriend as she wants to see me only in this, with pantyhose and high heeled shoes, after work when i am at home doing the housework and cooking. What do you think of photo attached ?. This is the costume i ordered With love, Tiffany

(01-09-18) Measured my boobs this morning and i am now 46 inches, grew one inch in the last 2 weeks without even taking any products. Even my girlfriend noticed it while walking round in A Tee shirt on holidays. I am home alone and wearing a silk mesh bra and I can see and feel the growth very much. I know i should have had these breasts all along :). Take care darling and talk soon.

(12-22-17) HI Amy, have taken some (snapshots)photo’s of my boobs as they are right now. You can see how much i have grown from last picture. With love, Tiffany


(12-14-17) Hi Amy dear, Just an update on my breasts. Have been taking Natureday products again for a week after delivery arrived and already had a growth spurt. My breasts have grown outward and fuller in volume. The pears shape they were is dissapering and they are rounding out. Also my nipples have become fatter and larger. This is sooo cool. I am right on target for that sex change in 2 years With love, Tiffany

(12-07-17) Hi sweetie, I measured my chest this morning and it is 45 inches, one inch growth in the last 2 months. So I can imagine what it will do when I continue with my daily Natureday capsules and liquid. I am waiting for the package, hasn’t arrived, maybe today but have no time to go to the PO box, so it will have to be Monday. I would never have done all this if I had not found Natureday, you do realize that sweetie ? So You and Natureday are becoming a permanent fixture to my body lol. Because if i had not taken your product, i would not have breasts and i would not have gone ahead with all this to this extent. So this bar code tattoo will be a permanent reminder of all this and I THANK YOU DARLING, i mean that With love, Tiffany

(09-13-17) Hello darling, My breasts are now really taking off, they are very firm, round and the nipples are very very sensitive. It is such a wonderful feeling, i am so happy I have them. :). My breasts are tingling all day and itchy inside, It is such a nice feeling, knowing that something is happening. talk soo, flat out with work. Love you. With love, Tiffany

(09-03-17) Hi Amy, You have to congratulate me and Natureday, because my boobs have grown 1/2 inch again and feel soo round and real. With love, Tiffany

(08-06-17) Me again A short update: My breasts are growing from the enhancer herbs, but more on top and rounding out, so they become nice rounded ones and bounce nicely. With love, Tiffany

(07-17-17) I measured my chest this morning and it has expanded another 1/2 inch, so it is going well. With love,

(07-16-17) Hi Amy, I must be going through a growth spurt right now, my breasts are very tender and sore and when i press on them, clear fluid drips out of my nipples. Also my bra is getting tighter, so i look forward buying a bigger one very soon. regards, Tiffany

(05-19-17) It is Saturday afternoon, just got home and put on one of my favorite bra’s and noticed it has filled up a bit, so i measured myself and i am 43 inch, 1 inch more accross the chest from last week. Around my nipples i am tender, must be growth. Anyway thought i tell you. Tiffany

(05-09-17) My mind is on my boobs and i am thinking about how to get the best results. As you know I have been taking caps and liquid since march last year, and it was of and on. I never kept a record of what I was taking in what dosages, I experimented with the products to see what happened.
Measured myself last night around my chest and I have grown 3 inches since I started last year. I am now keeping records of everything and keep you informed aswell of my progress, but I think it is going to be a slow process. Also last night I was taking a shower and applying the cream, I put on a 36 C bra, which is too big for me, but I took tissues and filled it up, and WOW boy it looked good under my t shirt, and that will be my target, a C cup.
Anyway Amy, I also wanted to thank you for your friendship and support and suggesting this webpage, I suddenly get motivated to give it even a bigger go.

(05-04-17) It all started when i was about 12, 13 years old. Back then, when i went through puberty, i noticed that my nipples were swollen and my parents took me to the doctor for a check up. He explained that this sometimes happens in boys and was nothing to worry about. But that set the scene for me and i became interested in dressing up and more and more wanting to become a female. Over the years to come, i searched my heart and soul and found that i wanted to be a female, but was trapped in a male body. So i started dressing up to satisfy this urge and curiosity. I always wore a bra and padding to make it look realistic, but was never totally satisfied with the look. i wanted real boobs.
So early last year when looking at photo’s of myself and not being happy with my looks, I discovered Natureday when doing a search on male breasts and I contacted Amy.
She was very helpful and I ordered the 6 month supply of fulfillment. Not much happened at first, but I ordered more over months to come and slowly my breasts kept on growing. It was 2 weeks ago when i decided to buy more liquid and try and have my boobs grow to a C cup. At the moment i have a B cup size. (Australian size measurements). I am very broad shouldered, so although i have breasts, they do not show all that much as with someone who is not so broad at the top. When i do wear a bra and female blouses and tight T shirts, i have a nice cleavage already, but want more. Up till now, i have enjoyed emailing Amy and have established a friendly relationship with Amy and i will continue my journey into womanhood. I consider myself more that just a cross dresser. I see myself as a male in transition into female hood. I just start with growing boobs and see where it all ends up. Whatever happens, Natureday products have become part of my daily routine and help me grow breasts and satisfaction.

Nipple growth Boobs fill the bras with Amazing cleavage