3 Male Breast Enlargement Options Without Surgery

Male Breast Enlargement Options

Males growing breasts is becoming a more acceptable and more popular thing. Male Breast Enlargement Options Although, like women the only thing thrown in your face is surgery. They often talk about it as if it’s the only option. Although it’s not.

There are multiple methods for a male to grow breasts equivalent if not bigger than most girls’ boobs. 3 Male Breast Enlargement Options Without Surgery While it may take longer than a surgery would it is natural and a healthier way to go about it. I’m not saying that there is never a time or a reason for breast enlargement surgery as it’s not my place to say. I’m just saying other methods are often looked past although they work just as well. Methods such as:

Hormone Shots.

Woman’s estrogen is the number one controlling factor to growth in breasts. Without estrogen a woman would have the chest just like the average male. Estrogen is what tells a woman’s body to grow breasts. Although, even men have a low amount of estrogen in them; it’s just not enough to grow breasts.

Some males do suffer with estrogen problems as do have “man boobs.” It’s often men with weight issues or boys going through puberty. This happens when a man’s testosterone isn’t as high as it should be causing them to have a higher estrogen level then testosterone level. 3 Male Breast Enlargement Options Without Surgery


Although, I’m sure you aren’t looking to get obese just to have breasts. Especially when you have so many better ways to achieve the body you always dreamed of.Estrogen shots are often administered every 2-4 weeks. Some doctors believe it must be administered by them others allow you to give it to yourself at home after being taught. The shot allows your estrogen levels to spike and begin to overpower and dominate your testosterone. By doing this you will lose features like facial hair and gain breasts.

The estrogen shot works by injecting a vast amount of estrogen into your bloodstream which begins to overpower the male testosterone and replacing it. These estrogen shots will begin rewriting your body to create more estrogen of its own and cut the testosterone drastically. You will begin seeming a transformation. Your male body will begin getting more feminine features, such as larger breasts.

Hormone Pill

A lot of people hate shots, while other people don’t have a good reaction to the shot. No matter the reasoning whether it’s your personal preference or your physicians the pill is another reliable way to increase hormones, this fourth increasing breast size.
The hormone pill is the most widely used form of an estrogen boost. 

The thing about the pill is that not only do you have to remember to take it, but if your body rejects it (which is very rare) it’s a lot easier to throw it up and lose the progress. By taking a pill you are allowing it to absorb your body; rather than being forced into your body quickly like the shot does.The hormone pill is most commonly used due to the health factors that play into it. Pumping your body up with estrogen can cause your body to go into shock. While it most commonly won’t cause anything but a few PMS symptoms. The pill allows it to be absorbed a little slower and allows your body a little time to accept it all. While the shot forces it into your bloodstream instantly, in extreme amounts.


You can go to the doctor and get the estrogen shot and jumpstart for your breast enlargement, another option is to go theMale Breast Enlargement Options . This route allows your body to use herbs to enlarge your estrogen count and cut your testosterone count naturally.

While the shot and the pill forces extreme amounts of estrogen into your body and forces a change. The all-natural way allows your body to take vitamins and herbs in and create the results you wish for on its own.

Some of these herbs include:

Saw Palmetto

Herbs reduces the amount of other forms of hormones to allow estrogen to build-up. By doing this you are truly cutting out other components that are standing in the way and allowing the one hormone you truly need in order to increase breast size.

Red Clover

Red Clover acts as a form of estrogen. Red clover is actually an herb that contains components of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens do exactly as I’ve said before; they act as a form of estrogen in your body allowing them to overturn other things such as testosterone and tell your body to create more estrogen. Which causes natural breast enlargement.

Black Cohosh

This herb is an amazing and nearly astonishing herb. Black Cohosh has the ability to create estrogen acting components without feeding your body an ample amount of estrogen. This allows your body to get the affects you wish for, such as larger breasts. Without getting the side effects of the extreme estrogen boost.

Combining Multiple Options to Produce the Result You Wish For?

When push comes to shove you want results and you don’t want to wait years upon years to get the results you want; this is the main reason people run to the surgery. The belief that this is the only option for fast results. Although it is the only option to receive DD breasts in 24 hours. It’s not the only option to receive drastically larger breasts quickly.

The thing is while each of these non-surgical options do work it will take time. Although, you can have your choice on the estrogen pill or shot and then add in natural herbs to compliment it. This will add faster results. Although it’s very important to discuss with your doctor to ensure that you aren’t over doing anything.


Most commonly discussed option for breast enlargement is surgery it’s one of the most dangerous and high maintenance options. Surgery calls for a hefty 8-week down time. It has a higher chance of infection or rejection and is highly expensive.

There are options that work as well or better that is a natural breast boost by encouraging your body to push its limits rather than forcing it. Options such as estrogen shots, estrogen pills, and herbs.

No matter your choice just be sure you fully accept and dedicate to it. Be sure to be safe and make healthy decisions. Never overdo it just to get extreme results.