Male Breast EnlargementIs Male Breast Enlargement Possible?

What Are Ways to Go About Enlarging Male Breasts?

Not only is Male breast enlargement possible, it is a worldwide phenomenon. With the social acceptance in sex change; and embracing your inner self. Although, male breast enlargement can be far more challenging than female breast enlargement.

Females and males have the same basic genetic make-up. Although, the process of breast enlargement relies heavily on hormone levels rather than simply having the parts to do so.

When it comes to males who want to enlarge their breasts while there are multiple ways to achieve your goal. Not one is a single step that gets you the breasts you dreamed of in a few hours.

Shot. Shots. Shots.

When a male first decides he wishes to achieve his goals he always dreamed of it’s important to go to a professional on the process. Taking it all on yourself is dangerous as everyone’s body reacts to things differently and should not be rushed.

Males often produce too much testosterone to be able to have large breasts. Although it is known that ⅔ males have higher estrogen levels throughout certain stages of their lives. And during these times men may develop some form of a breast.

Larger men often have a lower testosterone level and it’s very common for them to have larger, more feminine breasts. Although I do not advise you to become obese just to have larger breasts.

Many professionals will tell you that the best way to get the body you dream of is to rewire your body. By this I mean slowly train your body to create more estrogen than testosterone. You may do this with hormone shots. Some males notice a drastic change very quickly, while it takes other men more time.

No matter how quickly you begin to see change in your body remember unless you train your body to do it naturally it’ll be temporary. As the second you quit getting your shots if not done right all your progress will be lost.

What About Pills?

You may choose to take pills to increase your estrogen supply. This is another one of those trains your body to produce more estrogen overtime goals. While there are both pros and cons to the pill and the shot it truly dwindles down to your body and how your body reacts to either the shot or pill.

This is where some guys get stupid and think they can do it on their own and get the same results. Some men begin doing research and quickly figure out that many forms of pill birth control supply high diesel of estrogen. They take someone else’s prescribed birth control and think they can get the same results.

This is very dangerous and illegal. You cannot take someone else’s perception in the first place. On top of that it is very unsafe to not be monitored by a professional during this process. As you are completely changing what your body knows best. Taking estrogen pills in general can cause major liver problems and doing it on your own can cause major sickness, even death.

So, if you choose the pill make sure it is a pill given to YOU for this specific reasoning. As they will monitor you to ensure you are okay throughout the process.

Estrogen Patches

This isn’t as common choice for many people, although it does have its benefits. Just like the shits these patches are absorbed straight into the skin and bloodstream.

Estrogen patches relieve some major scares that pills have. Although, this is particularly true, due to the lack of research in the patch. As they are fairly new.

Just like most of the other options the patches will take time to tell your body to produce its own high estrogen levels rather than testosterone. This is becoming more known and more used during recent years. Although, it doesn’t have as many success stories as other options for producing estrogen over time.

How Do I Choose?

As mentioned before there is not right or wrong option when it comes down to enlarge omg your breasts. As it all varies from man to man. You may have to go multiple routes before you find one that corresponds best with your body type.

It’s all about your body slowly relying less on whatever type of help you decide to use. Over time you should be able to lessen the amount of estrogen slowly and then eventually your body should produce your desired amount of estrogen on its own.

Are There Other Faster Ways?

While this is often going to be the first thing handed to you as it’s natural and safe you may be able to get a breast enlargement surgery. This is much like female breast enlargement surgery.

When it comes down to it no matter what route you choose to go down most likely they will tell you to try boosting your estrogen levels first. As this will trigger your body to grow less hair in places of your body. Produce a more feminine voice and other things.

You may help speed up the process by consuming foods that help raise estrogen levels. Along with drinking plenty of water; and all around eating healthy.

You may purchase breast enlargement creams that are made with scientifically proven ingredients to help improve the process. You may see drastic changes rather quickly. These creams soak into your skin providing a fast and long-lasting result.


Male breast enlargement is becoming increasingly more popular. While it’s not as easy of a process as female breast enlargement it is becoming easier and easier. As more research is being done it’s becoming easier to get the results you wish for.

Whether you choose the pills, patches, or the shot you may understand the pros and cons of each of them.

You may speed up the process by eating healthy food (estrogen dense foods) and using topical breast enlargement creams.