Hulk Muscle Liquid Extract/ Grow Biceps Faster


Unique formula combines muscle building ingredients in an easy to use liquid concentrate



About the product

  •  • RESULTS – See an immediate change in your physique
  •  • PURE HERBAL EXTRACTS – 100% natural herbal blend
  •  • BOOSTS ENERGY – Unlock energy reserves to maximize your workouts

Product description

Our unique proprietary herbal blend is the only 100% natural supplement that gets results.
Made right here in the United States, in a tested and trusted laboratory, our product is simple to use, safe and effective. We’ve been working for years to make our formula the perfect combination of herbal ingredients to help build lean muscle. No more hassles with flavored powders or heavy shakes, just a few drops in a cup of water is all you need.
Take before your regular workouts for an energy boost and even better results. Nothing artificial. Just muscle.

Ingredients: Eleuthero Root, Tribulus Seed, Maca Root, Guarana Seed,
American Ginseng Root, Rhodiola Root Extract, Deer Antler Extract.


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